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  1. No anti-walk pins here, but JP ambi safety works fine in my QC10/Hiperfire ECL combo
  2. If there is a rules supporting that? Im being half troll, half serious.
  3. This is a interesting part of the PCC thing. I look at it this way. We have these classifications that are dependent on our PISTOL skills and the reason you get bumped up in other divisions when you make M/GM is that the skills you used to make M/GM transfer to other PISTOLS. Should USPSA be bumping our PISTOL classifications based on our RIFLE skills? I think not. That said, I don't actually care.
  4. Eventually it will, or so the internet tells me.
  5. No, you are right it does not. As I said though, if I'm running in a legal direction with a gun and Im going to overtake an RO Im going to slow or stop because he/she shouldn't be there. Since he/she shouldnt be there(in the way of a shooter doing a legal thing), he/she is interfering with my stage run. The point wasn't simply that he just saw them, the point is he saw them in the direction he was heading. In the way
  6. And now he is damn near, if not totally level with the timer RO. Notice by the video time stamp that this is less than one second in the video after his turn in my last post
  7. Right here, at his turn, he has to be able to see them no?
  8. Its easy for me to see from watching this over and over that after his last shot in that position he turned and took about a step and a half(maybe two) uprange which put him damn near level with the timer RO, at that point comes his "pause" and assessment that some seem to think happened before he was close enough to an official for there to be any interference. If If I'm headed uprange in the ROs direction and get that close of course I am going to "slow my roll" or else I am going to pass them. Its simple, a human running forward is going to beat a human running backward or human turning and running forward every time. So.. yes, I think the call was wrong. Yes, I agree it can not be fixed now. But.. I think we should try to learn from this not point fingers.
  9. Thank you!
  10. It may(maybe) soften the blow of the buffer hitting the end of the buffer tube, but it does not limit travel as you previously stated.
  11. BAD lever isn't going to help when limiting travel like what is being discussed and buffer springs don't limit travel unless you have a setup where the spring goes solid. If you are doing that, that's not good.
  12. I think I am zero'd at about 10. I generally just go to the range and adjust the screws while shooting at different target distances from 3-50yds until I'm OK with the spread. Seems to hit dead on at 10. Ar15, Cmore Tac, 125gr @1060fps
  13. It can be done, Ive done it and I know at least one other person that has done it. Worked pretty well, but I like being able to lock the gun back for malfunctions and it makes putting the flag in easier. Just make sure it travels far enough to get the hammer to cock and catch on the disconnector.
  14. From what I have seen, the past 4 major matches with PCC and Open, Open beats PCC by an avg of 10%. Area 1, Area 2, Optics Nats, SC State Championship. I think that's the beginning of a trend.
  15. Yeah, been into Glocks enough to know those connector ratings don't mean what they say they mean. LOL