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  1. Yeah, been into Glocks enough to know those connector ratings don't mean what they say they mean. LOL
  2. Thank guys. So far I have an OEM Gen 3 parts kit coming with a OEM 5.5# connector and a Ghost Ultimate 3.5# connector, I think somewhere I have a OEM 3.5# connector. Also coming is a 6# trigger spring and IDP trigger shoe just for fun. I think I should be able to find a combo of these parts that is to my liking after some polishing. As far as the top end, right now I am thinking of going with a polished factory striker safety and an IDP or polished OEM striker with a 4.5# striker spring.
  3. I don't shoot CO, but for PRD the BOSS/Bladetech combo is legit.
  4. Hello all. Its been a long time since I have done any Glock tinkering and would like some critique on my planned trigger/action setup for a 80% frame range toy I'm working on. Not looking for super racy, needs to be safe and relatively reliable. For reference I am capable of polishing stock parts and installing any components. When I shot Glocks in Production I ran the Vogel kit and liked that, but Id like to keep with the 80% theme and do as much work myself as possible. This project does not need to meet any competition rule requirements. I'm planning on starting with factory stock Glock internals, adding a Ghost connector(liking the looks of the PRO 3.3), 6lb trigger spring, and polishing. I will buy and install striker springs as I feel necessary for popping primers I would like to add a fancy flat aluminum trigger shoe, which ones do you recommend? Strikers... what are the good ones/does it matter? Firing pin safety plunger and spring recommendations? Am I leaving anything out? Thanks
  5. What other triggers did you try? Why did you feel the need to swap in the Wolff parts? Thank you. I have a Glock project coming up and I am shopping parts.
  6. ^this, I have cut many CZ barrels and a chrome-lined Colt 9mm AR barrel-easy peasy. Friend gave me a nitrided barrel to cut-F'those things.
  7. Max did indeed use a 10.5 Faxon, permanently attached a Taccom comp and then permanently attached a steel pipe with holes drilled in it.
  8. I think its a possible cause. My gun would burst set up like that. I want to say its caused by all that and bolt/buffer weight slamming rear causing the gun to lurch away from ones trigger finger(causing it to reset) and then slamming into the barrel causing the gun to lurch forward against ones trigger finger. AKA bump fire. I have no proof, just lots of evidence. I just went to a Hiperfire ECL and I think the length of pull and reset help tame that when compared to the light/short triggers I have tried. The Hiperfire has never doubled on me even using bolt/buffler/load combos that would constantly double with an Elf and JP trigger. Both triggers run shorter than the Hiperfire, the Elf is lighter, the JP is heavier .
  9. Hehe, thats funny, sad, and true. I did the same.
  10. Thankfully all the local USPSA clubs I shoot at go by level 2+ rules. No stages over 32rds, so 41rd mags are fine. I would buy a good Glock drum though if somebody made one.
  11. Ill have to see if I still have them to give you that answer but I can tell you that I did check them for length. There were a mix of BBI 147s and 125s 147s, 5 bullet average: unfired=.649" fired .658" 125s, 5 bullet average: unfired=.610" fired .617"
  12. Right now I am running a JP barrel that appears to be on the tight side. the bullets are swaged, they all grew in length. Bore is still clean after 600 rounds and I stay on top of comp cleaning.
  13. Been running a 9mm AR for about 3 years. 3 different barrels, 95% BBI bullets- 147gr and 125gr. Powders used have been 90% N320 and 10%WSF. About 10Krds, split between the barrels-about 70% through an Adco, 20% through a Colt, 10% through a JP. No leading in the barrels, but build up in the comps. If my Production guns taught me anything it was to use cold powders with coated bullets. Titegroup is hot and hard on coatings. N320 and WSF, not so much. I also did some searching on here and found that a quick spray of Dillon case lube and second best One Shot helps prevent junk from taking a foot-hold in comps. Just hit the comp/brake with the lube before a match or practice session and again after.
  14. I have tried to keep my comments limited to SC, hence my deleted one. I do agree that PCC makes way more of difference in SC that normal USPSA matches. Right now as it sits, after the last 4 USPSA Majors with PCC in the mix Open still trumps all by about 10%. It sounds to me like you should be voicing your concerns to the organizers of SC instead of here in effort to change things for the better. If you haven't already anyways.
  15. So when you shoot Irons and loose to Open guys do you feel the same as when you shoot Open and loose to PCC guys? Or is it different? What if there was a cash prize and you had to shoot irons for some reason(your open blaster is broke for example), of course you want that HOA but are you really going to complain when an Open guy takes it?