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  1. Livn68... I didn't really measure the amount... I had a couple of dummy 1.130" oal Bayous made up... slipped them into the bolt and inserted the dummy into the chamber... tapped the bolt with a plastic mallet until the bolt seated.... second touch with the reamer allowed it to be extracted without effort and no rifling marks... I had to move the tail stock location to run a cleaning swab into the chamber, so lost track of the amount... WECSOG
  2. just thought I'd pass this on if anyone was thinking of getting one of their complete lowers... 5.3oz... it is not marked, and made of steel
  3. as Eric and gerritm commented, my only problem has been a short leade area in the throat of a PSA 16" complete upper... the nitrided treatment is pretty tough, and I had to put the barrel in a lathe to get enough force for the reamer to bite...I have a 10.5" upper also from PSA and it did not have the problem....
  4. I have a SPARC II on my PCC, and can't see precisely at much more than 25yd for group testing... on occasion has shot cloverleaf 3 shot groups with Bayou coated 135s at 1.125 oal and 3.6grains WSF... 146pf
  5. Flatland... my PSA 16" had a short leade area also... the nitrided finish is pretty tough, and had to use a lathe to get enough force to get the cutter to work well... I typically can use the "T" handle and cut most barrels by hand... I can now use 1.130 oal Bayou coated... the 147 Precision Delta fmj would work without throating...
  6. I shot a PCC only match immediately after the Optics Nationals on those stages, and Mike Foley and Troy McManus were present... in a Q&A session following the match, two recommendations from the Florida shooters were... start position in low ready and not port arms, and that if bagged firearms were required, that a table be provided (like a pre load shotgun table used in multi gun) to speed up the administration of the match... extremely time consuming to go to line with bagged PCC, un bag, shoot stage, show clear, re bag before calling line clear...it is much quicker to roll a cart to the line, shoot stage, show clear, flag, move cart to berm, and re place PCC in cart (muzzle pointed at and immediately near berm) most of the DIY multi gun carts used at the match had downward angled racks similar to mine, and did not receive any negative comments (I'd rather get shot in the foot, and not in the head).... for a club that does not shoot multi gun, the transition to a cart may take a little longer on the learning curve
  7. I don't really change powders much any more... have been satisfied with Win Super Field (WSF) for my 9mm G34, so when I started with the PCC reduced my pistol loading to just make minor with a little fudge factor... 3.6 and a 135 Bayou coated gives me around 146pf with the PCC and 130 pf with the G34...occasionally use a Precision Delta 147 fmj... runs well in the 16" and 10.5" SBR... can't remember the power factor... old age CRS
  8. I use found on range brass, and did not catch a piece of IMT 9mm brass (it has a distinctive thin case mouth area)... would suggest you be on the look out for it... complete case head separation... it did come out easily with a .308 chamber brush ]
  9. the parent pistol fits the rails, and provides the fire control group... you may need to change to a shorter thumb safety if you have an exceptionally designed one...friends have ones in .38super and 9x25 on 2011 lowers... don't think they needed to change the thumb safety
  10. depending on how much money is involved... a couple of friends went with Just Right Carbine in .45 that uses a G21 magazine... they had an issue with dry firing, but after that, I think they have the bugs worked out... if you want a DI you might check with Macon Armory... Rudy is very knowledgeable...I think he has a blow back option also
  11. reflection on speed... OK, I'm 69, and overweight....I ain't gonna win the Cadillac, but out of courtesy they still let me play...however, if you come from multi gun, and are used to time plus scoring with two hits neutralizing the target, to pistol scoring shooting a minor scoring caliber you really need to shoot a lot of "A" hits....fast helps
  12. New Frontier Armory billet Glock lower, NFA bolt, Aero Precision upper, charging handle, YHM fore end and barrel from MAS Defense...comp from McDonald Precision on the way...135 Bayou coated and 147 Precision Delta with 3.6 or better WSF....2500 rounds without a bobble....still undecided about optics... currently a Vortex SPARC II
  13. thanks for all the input... I think I'll go with the EQ brake from McDonald Precision Components...looks like what I want, and the right price point http://www.mcdonaldprecision.com/
  14. OK... before I get a 1/2x36 tap and make myself one, does anyone make a straight (non slanted) 3 side port 5/16 or 3/8 vertical slotted comp? basically a Miculek comp threaded and bored for 9mm.... I swear I saw one listed on PSA's ste, but can't find it now... I milled a GunTecUSA slanted port, but is leads a bit... I am about to just stick a 1/2x36 bird cage on it and be done with the lead buildup.... help an old man out... regards Les L747...
  15. thanks everyone... I just talked to Rudy at Macon Armory and ordered one of his bottom load 9mm adapters... pictures were on ARFCOM and I like the looks of it... really nice to talk to, he said he was so busy that he hadn't had time to post pics on his web site...the unit is held in place with a button head machine screw...$160 with shipping... will give a report... again, thanks for the replies.... I looked at the Hahn and RRA websites, and you would think that with the renewal of interest in 9mm PCC the communication would be better to customers...