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  1. If that was pointed at Dave, he is "special"! If that was pointed at me, I would say this particular R.O. was absolutely CLUELESS. The rest???? Well we are talking about the Rio guys 😘
  2. And I still laugh about the time they were going to D.Q. you!!! You can't fix stupid!!!!! Mean while I was told NO TRACER AMMO!!!! with Nozzler ballistic tips!!! Damn orange tips!!!! And at J.J.'s match no less! Gotta love Dave Mosier! You ought to have him back J.J. it was fun for everyone!
  3. It is not going fully into battery, or it is bouncing back out of battery when closing. Search on Benelli click. Lots of info on that I'm sure. But I would start by using a good quality grease on the cam pin and slot it rides in
  4. BTW Federal American Eagle IS NOT MAGNETIC!!!!!!! In it's 150 grain ball load. Duplicates M-80 ball!!! Winchester white box IS magnetic for those of you who care!
  5. I have had real good luck with Federal American Eagle 223 55 grain F.M.J. it has been very consistent lot to lot and runs around 1 M.O.A. out of most my 223 barrels. I have won more than a few matches with it, and have used it out past 300 with good effect. You can usually find it through target sports or ammo man for 300-350 per 1000
  6. Apple cider vinegar and hydrogen peroxide mixed 50/50 will dissolve lead quickly......BUT IT IS DANGEROUS FOR SKIN CONTACT after it has done it,s thing. Use nitrile gloves!!!!! Just mix it up and dump in the bore to just below the first set of gas ports and let foam away.
  7. I agree with Stealthy on the sparks and fire danger, and that is a perfectly good reason to ban them from your match.......but as the old proverb says...... don't pee down my leg and tell me it is rain! We have let people use anything they like at our local monthly match yes even M-855 and have done so since 2013. In that time I have had to re- plate only 2 of our flash targets due to cracking only. A couple have some divots, but at longer range they are just fine! And no we don't live in a fire danger setting like "Aridzona"
  8. Blah blah blah...... Steel this, jacketed that. Targets are consumable. Any match that thinks they are a one time purchase shouldn't be running matches. And who the hell cares if a flash target that is used at 2-3 hundred yards has a few craters?? BTW J.J. I have a lot of steel jacketed 308 military M-80 ball made by Winchester in the 60s and it hasn't even scuffed my personal MGM flash targets that I use for practice from 100 and out, out of a 22" M-14 barrel so I am calling B.S. on the 308 deal!!! As for M-193 being "over speed", that is the mil spec on 5.56x45mm out of a 20" barrel. You better just put a barrel length restriction on 5.56x45mm rifles that come to RM3G down to 16" and no longer.......My reloaded are in the same 3250 fps range out of a 20" barrel.... So you better ban reloads out of long barrels as well.......better yet, just tell competitors to use a "spec load" from whom ever you think won't hurt you precious steel. Maybe a 55 grain bullet at 2600 and NO 308 allowed???? Count me in!!!!!
  9. Yes you are doing something wrong. You move the rear sight in the direction you want the slug to go. In your case you need to move the rear sight to the right!
  10. Nice hot load you got there sparky!!
  11. Larry and I go WAY back! Hey amigo I will be down on Monday to see Benny, maybe we can meet up! Dumb luck???? Maybe, but I seem to get dumber every year! 😁
  12. As shotguns get longer and longer, Carbines get lighter and shorter. The thinking is that a very light and short Carbine is soooo much easier to swing around and drive faster in quick, close bay type stages, completely subjective, but there it is! So now we are wanting longer shotguns???? Why??? Don't we use shotguns in close, tight bay type scenarios.....just like our Carbines???? All this is just plain silly!!! I have never won a match because my Carbine was "short and light"! EVER!!!! I have never lost a match because my shotgun barrel was short!!!! EVER!!!!! Matter of fact I still run a 21" barrel shotgun and the mag tube is only 1" past the muzzle..........and.....wait, wait, wait........I still only run 20" barreled ARs. Both of these set up are about the same weight, same length, and both win as long as I am doing my part, and I do my part often enough!
  13. Flatland Shooter has given you the best advice you will ever get!!!! It applies to everything!!! This should be in the top ten rules for life!!!!