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  1. Anyone have a discount code for SNS?
  2. That was a very quick response. Thank you.
  3. Do you have a mount for the new Sig 320 X5 and an older DeltaPoint? If so how much height does it add? Thanks.
  4. Does anyone know the answer for sure? Does anyone know what spring pound rating is in the X5?
  5. Have you noticed that the 320 full size 9mms seem to be out of stock. It's like Sig isn't shipping any.
  6. I think there is a L shaped plate that has to be pushed up to get the base off.
  7. I have a complete upper from Taccom with the M4 profile barrel. It works no matter what ammo I use.
  8. I think that is a pretty good idea.
  9. The Ghost works great. I do test the gun to make sure it is in before letting go. I always lock it with the lever up so you have to reach in with your thumb to unhook it between stages.
  10. MecGar plastic +2 base on a 18/19 round CZ tube. eerw and others seem pretty sure this will not fit the gage. Is this close enough to file plastic off the back edge of the base pad and get it to fit and still work correctly?
  11. Was this checked on a gage? I was just wondering if this combo is the same length as using the short CZ Custom base that is not in stock.
  12. Is the follower and spring combo that CZ Custom {10522} sells the same as the one Springer {Grams FKCL-11} sells? If not, anyone used these in the CZ 18/19 round mag tube with the CZ base? Is there another good base for the 18/19 round tube and keep it to 140mm?
  13. When you say long slide, are you talking Tactical Sport slide/ barrel length? Also with a bull barrel is it your new USA made slides? Are the frames going to be the USA ones? Thanks.
  14. Faxon 18" Gunner barrel with a carbon fiber hand guard.
  15. First, I get your point and I think I heard them say in a video that the trigger was theirs { Sig }. How do shooters of CZ P09s have Cajun hammers in their Production guns? Also Troy has stated that Cajun 10x bushings are legal. The only way we will know for sure is if someone bugs Troy for an official ruling.