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  1. Hmmm. The only small coil springs in the gun that I can think of are the sear housing springs, left side safety detent spring, and extractor spring. Mine does not have a spring on the right safety detent and I've never seen one that does. Brand new gun?
  2. As positive as I can be I guess. Everything sounded and felt normal, first sign of an issue was the FTE. I'm no engineer but I'd need some convincing that there was enough energy to snap the barrel clean, drive out the squib, drive out the fired projectile and leave a perfectly fine looking piece of brass partially extracted with zero damage to anything else. CZ OEM original barrel, SN# matched the frame & slide.
  3. Yeah, rest of the gun is fine. There was no squib or double charge or any other drama, barrel just straight up broke in half.
  4. This is a first for me. Practicing tonight, gun is shooting fine. On the last shot of a bill drill there was a failure to extract. As I'm trying to clear it I notice that there is an awful lot of slop at the chamber end of the barrel and I figure I finally broke a slide stop. I pull the slide stop and it comes out in-tact. As I rotate the gun around to figure out WTF the barrel slides 90% of the way out the muzzle end of the slide while I'm still looking at the FTE case hanging out of the chamber at the ejection port. Gun is a standard TS .40S&W (Cerakoted all black after I did the grip reduction). Bought the gun used here a few years ago. If previous owner's round count estimate of 3K is correct then it has 30-35K down the pipe. Had it stripped for a cleaning about 600 rounds ago and I always look things over pretty well on the rare occasions it is clean and didn't see anything of note. Barrel shot great and ran great until the front fell off.
  5. I'm in St Louis several times a year and like the St Charles area. I've stayed at the Comfort Inn at 1400 S 5th St, St Charles, MO 63301 and it is decent a fair price, lots of other hotels in the same area. I would be a bit of a drive to the downtown attractions, but the zoo, botanical gardens, etc are all a reasonable drive. The Ameristar Casino is nearby if you're into that. St Charles has a very cool historic downtown, and the new Streets of St Charles development has some nice restaurants, shops and a theater. Also, if you're into classic cars at all check out Fast Lane on the north end of town: http://fastlanecars.com/
  6. So this was or was no occurring before the Cerkote? By the looks of the pic the extractor itself was coated as well? Does the extractor move freely in the channel or does it drag? Just wondering if the coating in the channel and on the extractor added enough thickness to keep the extractor from pivoting freely? I had a similar random extraction issue start last year out of the clear blue. I dicked around with springs and polishing but it wasn't resolved until I installed a new extractor.
  7. I have a case feeder on my 550. Like most Dillon products I have used, the initial setup can be finicky, but once dialed in it works great. I would not hesitate to buy it again. One caveat between my use and the OP's would be that I only load a single caliber (.40) so I never have to mess with it. It does improve loading speed for me, I'd guess on the order of 15-20%.
  8. 5.15gr WSF with an SNS 180gr @ ~1.130 makes 170PF put of my CZ TS. I don't have anything for 1.115
  9. 12lb Wolff recoil spring & 20lb Wolff mainspring for me. I've played with 11lb recoil springs and the gun runs fine with them but I get a "chugging" sensation as the slide returns to battery.
  10. No one make a reduced power mag release spring that I am aware. Just bend the leg on the button side... i.e. if you are a righty that hits the release with your right thumb then bend the left leg in.
  11. If it is well used pull the mag catch and check it. I had one get pretty chewed up and it would randomly drop mags.
  12. Funny because its true.
  13. The "standard" CTS is built off a customized Tactical Sport frame. The CTS LS is the one built on the 75 frame.
  14. I use my single stage for a push through sizing die (GRX in my case).
  15. SNS NLG 180gr over 5.15gr of WSF at 1.135 COAL. Generally runs about 171PF.