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  1. 12lb Wolff recoil spring & 20lb Wolff mainspring for me. I've played with 11lb recoil springs and the gun runs fine with them but I get a "chugging" sensation as the slide returns to battery.
  2. No one make a reduced power mag release spring that I am aware. Just bend the leg on the button side... i.e. if you are a righty that hits the release with your right thumb then bend the left leg in.
  3. If it is well used pull the mag catch and check it. I had one get pretty chewed up and it would randomly drop mags.
  4. Funny because its true.
  5. The "standard" CTS is built off a customized Tactical Sport frame. The CTS LS is the one built on the 75 frame.
  6. I use my single stage for a push through sizing die (GRX in my case).
  7. SNS NLG 180gr over 5.15gr of WSF at 1.135 COAL. Generally runs about 171PF.
  8. I use a 12lb recoil spring and a 20lb hammer spring. I've tried, 10 & 11 lb recoil springs but anything less than a 12 lb and I get chugging feel as the slide returns to battery. I'm not sure what fast has to do with it but I've shot a 1.66 bill drill with this setup and can routinely run .14-.16 splits when I'm in speed mode and this setup never skips a beat.
  9. My Tac Sport did this after about 15K. - Cleaned: didn't fix it. - XP spring: didn't fix it - New extractor + XP spring: FIXED.
  10. This. A little Kroil the night before won't hurt anything. Also, pull the extractor first.
  11. Yeah Adidas has some great offerings in trail shoes at pretty much any price point. I'd like to know how they hold up for you. I need to get something new for next season and I've given up on Salomon's because they fall apart way too fast for the price.
  12. Ours was built by a local but that is what he used and it works great.
  13. AFAIK Mecgar does not make TS mags.
  14. I use the CZ-UB / Czechmate mag well and like it. It is thoroughly beat to hell and I plan to replace it with the same part. However, I'll also mention it is the only one I've tried so maybe I don't know what I'm missing.
  15. Comparing hit factors across different stages isn't a valid measure of how you shot any given stage. What classifier and what division? 2.85 on El-Presidente with and open gun ain't great, 2.85 on Long Range Standards with a revolver ain't half bad. Most classifiers are a test of gun handling skills. Improve your draw and reload and your classifier scores will generally improve commensurately.