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  1. I have no use for a thumb rest! Lol
  2. I would 3-gun on mine, K1200RS, it did have bags though! A back pack is plenty big enough for a pistol match, as far as gear I would put my gloves in my helmet on my tank and cover it with my jacket, never had anything come up missing
  3. I love the reticle, FC-3G works great! its clear and bold enough that it doesn't need to be lit. My problem is its only a four power scope, I need a 1-6
  4. Lololololilol!!!!
  5. I had a similar problem, removing one of the springs from the aftec extractor solved the problem
  6. Is this something you've teamed up with Ruger and let the cat out the bag early? I've googled it and can't find it! I need a back up for my M2
  7. I'm sure they take your info and amount and notify the irs! :-)
  8. A Micromoa Govnah 3 position, trying to tame my AR 10 with a Omega hanging off the end
  9. Hydrogen peroxide/ one quart Baking soda/ 1/4 cup Dawn dish soap/ teaspoon Worked for me
  10. I shoot 175's/40cal in my Edge no problems, and 150/9mm in my Maruarder, both feed just fine, both are Bayou Bullets
  11. With the STI Marauder, will it work? The locking mechanism indexes on the top of the slide I think, the Marauder has a flat top slide, does anyone know if theirs still enough meat on top to engage?
  12. I'd have better luck filing down a tall front site, much easier and cheaper if I screwed up