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  1. God I hadn't heard that voice for years. Thanks for posting that.
  2. Congrats man... that's an accomplishment for sure.
  3. I think Jeff is over at the IPSC Rifle Worldshoot just right now... might check back in a week or so.
  4. I do the same as it seems to reduce the ammount of dust.
  5. To do the measurements get one of these But i suspect that oal variation isn't likely to be your problem.. match kings are famous for it and still shoot great (some of the ultra long-range guys have tools for trimming and pointing the noses but at 100 yards its very unlikely you'd see any impact.) Some folks can get varget to run through a Dillon powder measure a quick search should turn up some guidance. I never could, so i use short grained or ball type powders.
  6. +1 to the above about length variation on otm bullets. Measure to the ogive. H335 probably isn't the best possible powder for the 77s you might want something a bit slower (maybe Tac)
  7. Good stuff...
  8. All 55gr bullets are not created equal... try to find some hornady 55gr fmj-bt w/c. i normally buy them in the handy 6000 box. Try some place between 24.5 and 25 gr of h335...
  9. I have the 18" version and mine seems to like the 75gr hornadys pretty well (both the training ammo and my handloads)
  10. Hmmm.... any low mass parts in the gun?
  11. Maybe early unlock (case trying to extract when chamber pressure is still too high?) What kind of rifle and what powder are you using?
  12. I believe that is how in the bad old days of nation wide mag capacity restrictions sti used to make 10 round mags. I have one somewhere that looks like that, it came with a factory edge if i remember correctly.
  13. Your phone should support tethering either by cable or as a mobile hotspot if your carrier allows. in my phone its under settings->connections->mobile hotspot and tethering. that's usually an option depending on your plan and what your carrier charges for data
  14. It was good to get to shoot with you again Hurley.. it's been too long. Yep. Will did a nice job... i enjoyed the match as well. I mentioned a few of the same things... all in all i think its on a good path.
  15. Triangle Shooting Sports or Vandenberg Custom or give Briley a call