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  1. Well Played Rumble Strip........well, played..................As soon as we get a Richard Dawson look a like to call the match for us, we can play this out.............think we can get Jessie the Body to make an appearance? FYI..............Brazen Sport Watches is making an appearance at the match as the owner is from here in the Detroit area...........Look for him and his display.........I will be writing an article on his watches for Front Site magazine. Max and JJ love his stuff............check them out at
  2. The only restriction is what Division you would be shooting. Open=no problem as long as they fit the mag gauge. Everything else has to fit the IPSC box with the magazines in them, so that is why you see guys with the 124mm's with the +2 wedge's on them to shoot Standard. Just an fyi..............
  3. Good Morning ALL, I was hoping to get this done before Geoff sent out the email about squadding but this thing called work got in my way this forgive us as this is out of order. The good news is that it looks like the weather may finally break here in Southwest Michigan and we can get back to doing some shooting. Yeah!!!!! That means that this upcoming Sunday April 23rd we will be hosting our first USPSA match of the season at IPSC66, at the Wayne County Raccoon Hunters Club...... Most of you know the drill.........9 stages, 0 classifiers........all field courses.......all level III courses ....somewhere between 220-250 rounds if you don't miss. Lots of tight shots, no shoots and hard cover (our guys seem to like spray painting targets for some reason......hmmmmmmm) along with movement to shoot on the move. Costs are the same this year at $25 for non members and $20 for members. This is the best bang for your buck in Midwest North America. I say that because we are getting many more Canadians registering this year as they get their paperwork done to come across for the match. We may have to put a cap on how many we let into the match (...naaahh....just kidding but we will see how many read this statement and react...). As usual, Geoff will release the google email on Mondays for non members to register as we try to take care of our club members and RO's first so that we can actually staff the match. That is one of the benefits of being a club member=first service for the match as it should be. Without the folks at the club working hard to build and staff the match, there wouldn't be a match. So please remember to Thank the staff for working for you...this year the cost of living expense match payment didn't go through so the members are still working for the same as last year (and the year before that and the year before other words $$0). Please be gracious with your actions and words regarding the match and staff as these folks really do give their all in order to put on a good show. They have built 60 new target stands for the new bays, 3 picnic tables, 4 new safety table/area's, new walls, new range tables and refurbished all the walls from last year while working on steel and cleaning up the range. Let's talk about the new bays for a minute.........they are not done yet. It has been the wettest winter in a long time around here which has not allowed the gravel company to come in and finish the bay floors. We are hoping to have this done for the May match but if it gets any wetter out there, the swamp will have crossed the road and we will have other issues. So the stages will be our regular 9 bays and not the new ones. Once the new bays get done, we can then do the parking lot and then the road so please show some patience and slow down when driving on the road and be as careful as possible when parking. With the new bays, we lost about 30 parking spaces. Please park on the hill on the right side of the road before you make the right hand turn into our parking lot. The parking on the south side near the port a pottys is really just too wet still and cars were sinking this past weekend. Since registration is mostly done via practiscore, there is no good reason to not be on time. If you are late and have not called, then too bad......plan ahead or call to let us know that there is a problem. Your failing to show up on time so that we have to scramble to arrange squads is not our problem. It is your problem. Please be a responsible adult and we won't have any issues. If you register and don't show up, you took the slot of someone else who would have shot as we now have a waiting list. That means we expect you to pay for the slot whether you show up or not. We will just put you on a list for the following month. If you don't want to pay for the missed slot then please understand that you won't be allowed to shoot another match till you pay for the match slot that you registered for but did not show up for. That is only fair. So, registration starts at 8:30 (not before...give the staff a chance to get their stuff together first....) and will close by that we can be shooting by 10am and get out by 4pm. That is a great pace to shoot this much and gets everyone home at a reasonable time. As always, if you have questions, please let myself or Geoff know and we look forward to seeing you this summer out on the range. Roy
  4. There is no room at Castle De Neal........too many SV's in the gunroom......sorry Bobby, you have to face your wife on your own. Besides, you wouldn't do well up here. We have this thing that is called Winter where it snows and gets cold. You Southern Boys just wouldn't understand.......or like it.
  5. What DirtChevy hasn't told you is that he has already gone on gunbuilder and spec'd out an IMM gun...........He will have just taken delivery of this Limited gun and he will be building a single stack just because he can........muuuaaaahhhhh!!! I warned Bobby that this would happen. I can't wait to hear about his new heater when he gets it. I am betting that he will love it, and squeeze it and call it George!!! Or something like that.........
  6. A whole group of us from my home club are going out to dinner first and then going to see this movie as a club event since it's not really shooting weather here yet.......should be entertaining and we are all looking forward to seeing the film. I saw a British movie review that called this film Gun Porn......which means that we should like it.
  7. James Tarr has a great description of what we do..........His response is: High Speed Decision Making With A Gun In My Hand I always kinda liked that one, because anyone can press a trigger, but can they think on their feet, make good decisions and keep the shots in the A zone at warp speed? While drinking milk straight out of the carton, running with scissors, leaving all the lights on in the house with the windows open as the neighbors watch and you are encouraged to run faster knowing Mom is not going to be happy. Yeah, it's like that....
  8. How come no one has said "Get Both!!!".......................????? This way he gets 2 new guns, better for our vendors and more division choices for the competitor. Seems some folks are falling down on the job here.....
  9. What you really want is to see that the range hosting the event has insurance coverage that covers all officials and volunteers for any of its events. It's pretty simple.......I do this all the time for matches that many of you have attended (many area & sectional matches and even the USPSA Jr. Camp at MGM.....) or will attend. Providing this type of coverage for your volunteers/match officials is something I personally as a MD think is part of the cost of doing business for my range. The problem is that many folks who are in charge of purchasing the insurance coverage for the range really have no clue about this and the agents who are selling it don't really understand all the risks involved if they are not participants. Having to rely on your personal insurance coverage such as a Homeowners policy(and the related Excess policy that goes over it) for something such as this is just asking for trouble. I work for Insurance companies...........the first thing that they do when a potential large claim comes in is to sit down and try to figure out a way to NOT pay the claim by invoking exclusions or case law. Please read that last statement again. The Claims department's job is first to see if they can get out of paying. Then the 2nd part of that is to see if they can pay as little as possible. The trick is having an agent that knows all this and makes sure that you have a policy that specifically does cover these activities. If the policy specifically does cover the activities (by naming them), then they typically can't not pay. I say typically because they do have some wiggle room for the dumb things some people do....(Let's put targets on top of the berms for people to shoot....even though we know better and said we wouldn't.....I can't make that stuff up. It happens...). This can be done for just 1 event such as an area match or for an entire season (policy year). It is not cheap and it is time consuming getting it set up as this is specialty markets but it really is not that expensive in comparison to many other product fields. (Think automotive or aerospace.....the only 2 things besides nuclear coverage that make insurance companies go running and screaming as fast as firearm related coverage). By time consuming, I mean working 4-6 months out before the event/season starts, with all your documentation ready for me. This is a topic where a range/event can show itself to be different by advertising to the staff that they carry insurance for those who will volunteer, so that folks don't have to worry about it. If you have questions, do not hesitate to get a hold of me. Happy to take care of my gun folks and ranges. Rroy
  10. When you are in the area, let me know and I can show you Matt's favorite hang out........and we can have an adult beverage (or two) while talking about Matt & Richard!!!!! Did I mention that my Mom graduated high school with Richard and he used to hit on her? Yeah, Matt and I laugh about that...I really could have been his brother from the same mother unlike Henning who he calls his brother from another mother (when Henning shaves his beard, they do look like they are related...). And how he designed his first SV pistol to be just like yours...........AWWWWWWWW.........Did you know that? I look forward to seeing you there along with all the other Pin Shooting Legends.
  11. As Trace pointed out, you want Brandon to touch every build. Infinity's dedication to perfection when it leaves the factory is impressive to say the least. They take putting their name on the product to the next level. That way when the customer opens the box for the first time, they are blown away by what was sent to them. Fit and finish 2nd to none. Not only do they have to build parts for their own pistols but they have to build parts for the gun industry as well. How many shooters do you see out there using Infinity parts in their non Infinity firearm? How many of the top assemblers use Infinity barrels, grips, triggers, sights and other assorted parts? The answer is as many as they can. The investment that Infinity has put into equipment, machines and infrastructure over the past 6 years is a staggering number since their move from Grand Prairie to Gordon. They have doubled the number of employees and still they work 6 days a week. It's not secret but Sandy Strayer lives at the factory for days at a time. I have sat with Brandon for an entire afternoon while he fit and finished 4 pistols where he goes over everything then fires the gun to make sure it works and to look to see if there are any marks out of order. It is impressive to see the attention to detail that goes into the finish of the pistol. Yes, there are manufacturers that will slap some parts together for you for a cheaper price and if you are happy with that, then that is ok. What I don't understand is the hate that some folks have out there for the brand its customers. Whether it's custom watches (don't even get me started on prices for custom watches as I saw one the other day for $250,000), cars, boats, bikes, or planes....custom quality takes time and $$. I think that many here in the States don't think about the demands put on Infinity by the foreign market. Since many countries restrict how many firearms a person can own, many foreign competitors buy the best $$ can buy when they make their choice. By choosing Infinity they also get the custom options straight from the factory and don't have to rely on the small number of gunsmiths compared to what we have available here in the states. Foreign orders put time constraints on the manufacturing process as permits #'s have to be met or the whole order can be scrapped till a new permit is applied for. Then you add all of us who call up, chat, buy and catch up with their employee's and it's a wonder that they get anything done. I cannot say enough nice things about the management of Infinity or the quality of their employees. In articles I have branded the facility as the Factory of them today to get started on your dream pistol.
  12. Spare gun that is just about identical and a spare kits that has everything just short of another frame,slide and barrel. You know how this works=if you bring the spare gun you will hardly ever need it. Since I started doing this, I have only had to go back 3 or 4 times to the spare. Before that when I didn't have the spare? Numerous times I had to open up the spare parts kit as I broke 1 part after another. It's like your pistol "knows" you have options and behaves better because of that. It's like when your girlfriend knows she has competition-she is so much nicer to you than when she knows that she has you rapped around her finger.
  13. Brian, I am pretty sure that you have to attend this match according to Matt. Legends are required to attend this first year back................That might have even been the exact quote from Matt as he was explaining the match to me over dinner at his favorite adult establishment in the Detroit metro area last month. We got interrupted by a hot little blond that took Matt upstairs for a personal dance but you get idea. We even went over making sure that previous attendee's would have a differently color (hat,shirt,button,match ID..something to that effect) that would identify them as experienced shooters versus the new competitors attending.
  14. Before the shooting season closes, we want to get in one more match, so on November 27th we will be having a Post Thanksgiving Match where we get together, shoot some stages and then finish up in the clubhouse with a chili cook off competition. We are planning on a reduced # of competitors for this match (looking for 60 competitors including staff) with a reduced # of stages. We are looking at doing 6 big stages where all of them are 30 + rounds. We will be using the entire back bay (typically stages 4 &5 ) as 1 big bay, so this should be fun. This way we can get done at a reasonable time and we can clean up and then go into the clubhouse for some food and socializing over a bowl of chili. Cost of the match is the usual $25 for non club members and $20 for club members. Set up is on Saturday the 26th starting at 2pm for those who still need work hours and for the regular crew who does an outstanding job of setting up. Just 1 more match to set up and then you get the whole winter off. If you bring a pot of chili to share at the end of the match, you will shoot for 1/2 price (bring enough to serve 8-10 bowls for example). We will be having a taste test prize of $50 cash for first place, $25 for second and $10 for 3rd place. The match pre sign up invitation will go out on Monday the 21st as Geoff will send that out like usual. Please get your responses in asap and let us know here or on our FB page if you are bringing a pot of chili so we know what to plan on. Paul Taylor has bragged he has a spicy recipe for those who like some heat, Jason Peason has talked some trash and Rob Gaffney was talking to his wife about his secret recipe as well this week. Should be entertaining..........besides with many of you having family in town this next week, don't you really want to get away from them and get back out on the range with folks you actually like? Happy to see you out on the range..............
  15. This is the perfect excuse to buy/build 2 new in 40 and one in 9mm to really play the game. You choose which caliber depending on the stage design and the advantages that a certain caliber will give you. Then you will really piss of the old timers who complain about any 1911 not in .45acp as you must really be a gamer. If buying/building 1 new gun is a good thing then buying/building 2 should really be a better thing...........besides, you will be helping stimulate the economy by buying more and keeping Americans at work!! As to brands.........just about every sponsor of our sport builds a 1911 in both calibers. It all really depends on your budget and what you want to spend. For the right price, you can have one of each pretty quick from many quality manufacturers. If you are willing to wait, I do know this company that will build you your dream pistol.........( Just saying.... Best Wishes on your new endeavor this upcoming season. Regards, Roy Neal Team SV Infinity