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  1. Looks like excessive gas to me translating into excessive bolt speed. Pat
  2. Yes its worth it. The adjustments are in 1/10 mills which is much better than the 2/10 on the Vortex mil version. Also the throw lever does not take he man to move it. You can get an external turret for the Swaro that kicks butt. I love mine. Swaro does offer a LEO and military discount. Give them a call or email.
  3. I think up close it really does not matter. Heck I shot my PCC which has a lot more bounce and still managed to win that short range match last winter. I think the comp comes in to play from strings of targets at more distance from less than ideal positions. But I am all for your experiment.
  4. Must be the stages you guys are running. Personally as a stage designer and as a shooter I like the challenge of having to go from short to far targets with little time for transition.
  5. Everyone I know that runs open (including me by the way) has both a good 1-6 or 1-8 and an off set red dot. Its far faster to got from close targets to far targets that are spaced close together by flipping the rifle to its side and using the RDS vs using a throw lever on the scope. Even tac guys are running off set irons.
  6. I like 2 moa. 12 is way too big if you have matches with longer shots.
  7. Bullets make a huge difference. They are the most important factor in the accuracy equation when it comes to the ammo. Plated bullets for example are not that accurate for example. Jacketed and cast lead seem to be the best for accuracy. Coated are not far behind. Plated dead last.
  8. Hardly and its at more than one club. A well rounded pistol match should have at least some longer range targets. That said the range I shoot at the most is indoors with most shots being 7 to 10 yards. Rifle stages are out to 500 yards. Also Broncman has seen the same thing apparently.
  9. That may be it. Some are but hurt over PCC and are trying to design stages to maximize any disadvantage. However in a well rounded match PCC comes out on top.
  10. Not what we are seeing here. One match does not a trend make. Also I am a B open shooter and I am finishing better with the PCC.
  11. Yea no. Here we are beating open guys regularly who are higher class shooters. Pat
  12. If you were coming this weekend you could shoot to 400.
  13. Yep the scope. The recoil mitigation matters a lot more on long range targets where you can see your bullet impacts than it does on hoser stuff.
  14. Rather than buying 16 pounds try one pound of each and do some testing yourself. Honestly not much difference.
  15. Yep and most BDCs are harder to see at lower powers anyway with FFP scopes. I think FFP should be used on scopes with higher power ranges generally.