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  2. x2!!! i shot limited yesterday but then went home and watched some of my open videos and will definitely be shooting open next time!
  3. When I ordered the MOA kit for my bolt release and she'll stop I removed the shell stop and this pin fell out. I believe it was under the bolt release button between the spring. It's the same depth as the button. Is is needed? The YouTube I watched on install didn't mention it. Second, I took my M3000 in to get the port opened up. The guy opened it up down to the lettering, and said ATF requires the manufacturer's name and country designation be left intact like the S/N. Is this true? I see lots of people are cutting into it. I think I'd like to cut down farther, but being new to 3 gun don't want to over do it. I keep catching the second shell on the top of the magazine tube when loading. Do I just need more practice or should I open the port further forward towards the magazine tube? Thanks!
  4. ask and look around at your next couple of uspsa matches and sure folks will let you fondle their guns and even shoot them to get a feel for what would work for you. brazos hp edge is nice in that they do a trigger job and go over the gun for you, not that there's anything wrong with a stock edge. as mentioned, maybe skip over ltd and go to open for something completely different.
  5. Accu-Shadows have not been discountinued to my knowledge, they are still on CZCustoms website. If your thought process is that their always out of stock it's because they are so popular that most of the time you must have one built. Some might say that the Shadow 2 is the successor to the Accu-shadow but I believe that the Shadow 2 will come in two forms, a standard version and one equipped with an Accu-style bushing. Then there's the bull barrel Shadow, which could be king of them all....overall though I doubt CZCustom is going to stop making Accu-Shadows any time soon.
  6. How far does your Stock 2 throw the brass? Mine lands only about 1-2 feet from me. Its about the same with 8lbs & 10lbs recoil spring. Ammo runs at 130PF. Dont know how I can get it to eject further without going even lower on recoil spring, which I dont want. When I shoot strong hand only with a slight tilt, the brass sometimes lands on the gun. Any thoughts?
  7. I know, but you shouldn't have to is my point . Shouldn't have to drill the pouch either. Bullets out also raises the pouch and I did not want that either. Don't get me wrong, for normal orientation, these are great pouches! I switched and run normal and no issues. Just tighten the main screw before each match.
  8. Ryan and I had a talk about how many of you guys are still hunting for mounts. The Fastfire III/Venom models were BY FAR the most popular of all. We've decided we are going go do another run of them and make the dovetails a little bigger so hand fitment will almost certainly be necessary. They can be pre ordered NOW on the website. These next ones will be hard anodized instead of cerakoted and we hope to have them shipping in 2-3 weeks!
  9. not personally familiar with a short barrel, but since it is blow back, your power factor should be a place to start... for something in the 145pf range a 22oz bolt and buffer total, and a standard 5.56 spring should get you in the ball park
  10. My original 5" Pro bbl shot really well at the beginning, with loads it liked, but, after a while (Not sure of round count) I had the same problem. My 25 yard groups that originally were under 2", were about 5". I had a big burr at the front of the barrel hood. I was going to de-burr it, but, decided to send it to S&W. They sent it back, saying nothing was wrong, and nothing was done, but, the burr was gone, and it looked like it was removed by a blind man, using a coarse grinder. I took it to the range, and accuracy wasn't improved, so I sent it back to S&W. They called me and said it looked like somebody had been grinding on the barrel hood, and they were going to replace the barrel with a new one. I couldn't get them to admit that someone down there did the grinding. With the new barrel, accuracy still sucked. I picked up a KKM, and it will do sub 2" groups at 25 yards, but, only with Extreme 115 hp bullets. I then bought an Apex, gunsmith-fit barrel, and had a local guy that had already welded up and re-fitted a Storm lake bbl to his gun, fit it for me. So far, I've only got a couple hundred rounds of various loads through it. With 124-125 grain jhps, it really tries to shoot a 1" group, but, I always seem to get a flier, opening it up to about 2". Extreme 115 hps shoot 2" groups, BBI 160 grain coated bullets shoot 3" groups, the various 147 grain bullets all came in about 4" @ 25 yards. Xtreme 165 grain and Acme 122 grain bullets produced the worst groups. I plan to run more down it, and re-check to see if it settles in, or, gets worse.
  11. Anilson, are you going to stock the hinge triggers also? Have you installed a Vario yet? I find them very easy to install. I really don't like working with the SV, especially after installing a few of these.
  12. Cz75 +10 springs from cz custom, I buy 10 at once for some savings. Production gun, factory follower and bases when I used the 18 rounders.
  13. This great forum in not the place and I have no reason to save face. Sorry that you consider this babble.
  14. Funny how a $35 part stops up a $3,000 machine. It's always the small things that cause the problem.
  15. As soon as you are notified to pay the balance, and then 2 days before you get it and 18 months before it is on the production gun list ? Will be fun when we start to learning a wee bit more, eta, colors, pricing, that kind of stuff.
  16. I've heard that hps can be more accurate in certain setups but like you I find frn plenty accurate and at a better price than hps.
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  18. We will have these triggers on our Web store in May
  19. Got a new barrel for my 40 compact, a KKM 40-9 conversion barrel to shoot in IDPA CCP division. I shot groups with it at 25 yards to test function. While groups were OK( < 5" 10 shot groups) they were consistently centered about 5" to the right of the bullseye. I drifted the rear sight to the left about .07" with my sight pusher. My concern is that it makes the rear sight look pretty off center although it's still within the dovetail and doesn't protrude off the side of the slide or anything. I can just start to see the very slight edge of the striker block hole visible on the right side of the rear sight but it's definitely in no danger of popping out. Is this an acceptable situation? Could the slide to barrel fit with the new barrel just be that much different than the factory barrel? Function was fine in the first 50 rounds.
  20. Jack does have a point about looking at open vs limited. I started shooting limited because I was shooting 3-gun and uspsa with the same setup. As far as shooting the g34 in limited, it would have you shooting minor pf and it's doable but it would put you at a disadvantage.
  21. I've always used FRN and it works fine but was at a match where a guy shooting limited was using hollow point extremes. What are the pros/cons?
  22. As expected, made up babble with no real source. Lets try again, where did you see or what respected named individual told you that Remington is getting their 1911 frames from a Philippino manufacturer. I'm not being sarcastic, you're wrong and have no basis to try and save face. Go ahead, Google it, I'll wait. Neither Armscor nor SAM makes the Remington R1 frame, which is completely unrelated to where the STI Spartan frame comes from or whether you're suddenly an expert from having bought a cheap 1911 or two.
  23. I am curious as can be about CZ's. Competitors love the Accushadow but that has been discontinued. What replaced it and what is the difference between the Accushadow and its replacement? Is the Shadow 2 the replacement? Thanks. I might look at a CZ today ...
  24. Can't you use the G 34 for limited? (I'm not a Glock guy, but I thought you could use the G 34 with hi cap mags for limited???) Since you don't like buying and selling new guns, stick with what you have and try that for a while - then talk to other shooters - maybe try their guns, until you make up your own mind which you'd like to shoot. p.s. (Forget Limited - get into OPEN)
  25. Tg does smoke a ton with coated. Try n320 or w231. N320 produces the least amount of smoke. W231 still has noticeably less smoke than tg as well.
  26. Bull, really !! There are more frames coming from across the big pond (Philippines) than you obviously realize and have others names on them. JimmyBob, your sarcasm sucks. The frames are purchased and sometimes finished here in the US and sometimes the Philippines cuts the rails there, depends on the contract. Ask STI. Not saying that there is anything wrong with that, it is big business. There are some very good frames, both single stack as well as double stacks coming from there. I also would use and have used products from there.
  27. I am on the list, When will I know when it shipped
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