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  2. PACT Mk IV XP timer - how to use???

    Thanks, Homie! This link to the acca insurance bookies site has helped me!
  3. Shoes for competition

    Do the Solomon's keep out sand and grit ? Many of the ranges here have alot of fine sand that seems to work its way in constantly.
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  5. Any drawbacks to a Stainless Open Pistol?

    With stainless, galling can be an issue but it’s more of an issue where you’re forcing two parts to fit when they’re still slightly oversized. Once there is proper clearance between two sliding parts it’s less of a concern. Ie if a gs is lap fitting a slide it can gall more easily. Once the gun is fit and you keep it properly lubricated, it shouldn’t be and issue. As other have pointed out, SS slides seem to crack easier in my experience, hardness doesn’t seem to matter for as bs steel but it seems like their are much less ductile and just don’t take the beating as well as a carbon slide. You can leave an iron gun in the raw and keep the same look without issue as long as it’s being shot regularly,if oiled, steel won’t rust, it’s when it sits for a long enough period of time (depending on humidity) that it’ll start to oxidize. Polishing the gun helps to combat rust but if it sits for long enough it’ll rust regardless. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. looking for areas to improve

    I’m not a PCC guy so I won’t comment on your runs. However, I’d give you GM status on that fedora, seriously. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Off season helpful or not in skills?

    I would say a hobby but seriously, that a 1 hr dry fire almost daily and 2x a week live fire on drills are normal to me. Its why its very difficult to take a break off of such routines.
  8. Shoes for competition

    Innov8... mudclaw
  9. Vortex Vennom for PCC

    I can only speak for myself - for me the window is too small. I see more and more people using them, but when shooting in other than ideal shooting positions, that window can be very difficult to find the dot in if you have not practiced it specifically to perfection. Hard leans, prone, confined areas, bent into a pretzel, all create difficulty for any red dot, but the small ones like a venom are more so. For me anyway. The only advantage I see to them at all is being lighter, which I also think is highly overrated for this platform.
  10. consolidation? (I have a lot of guns)

    Carry the 10C, compete with the Tanfo or 75. Sell everything 45.
  11. Shooting minor PF in L10

    I have a CGW production legal hammer installed. I've also removed the FPB so that would need to be put back in.
  12. Interesting, thank you. I take it I shouldn't try this with a hard chromed gun? I have an old Stock 1 in 10mm that was fitted somewhat loosely. The slide-frame could certainly use a little tightening, but what has always bugged me with this gun is it has the cone fit bull barrel, yet I can wiggle the barrel inside the slide hole easily when in lockup (kind of like how you can do it on a Beretta 92). Peening at the 5:00 & 7:00 method sounds like it could work for tightening up muzzle fit, but I'm hesitant to do it on a hardchrome gun.
  13. TSO vs STI for limited major

    Same here, I decided to go with TSO after I watched Leo's videos as well.
  14. And here is the reply: We are working on a new press with that in mind. Stay tuned!Thanks,Andy LeeLee Precision Inc.
  15. Smith Optics

    I'm realizing I don't even understand the difference between the pivlock echo and pivlock v2 Smith really needs to include more info on their site
  16. Shooting minor PF in L10

    Its a trigger and a disco. Maybe $60. Maybe another hammer. Youll get a 2nd hand one for peanuts on here. Lots of people change them out.
  17. When you buy components on sale, or in bulk...

    Is there a code? It says nothing on the site.
  18. Vortex Vennom for PCC

    I just put one on mine with the Vortex co witness QD mount. I can run a scope (1 x 4) , the dot or irons. The dot co witnesses with the scope so zero can be checked easily or longer shots taken using the scope. Scope is on a QD so it comes off easily and maintains zero. I like the setup and I like the Venom. Have one on my Hi Cap 1911 9mm too.
  19. Shoes for competition

    thats good to know, there standard width is pretty narrow
  20. Shooting minor PF in L10

    I wish I got into competition shooting before I went SAO. I could always tell the wife that the parts to make a sweet production gun are cheaper than buying a new gun with all of the mags and holster.
  21. Shooting minor PF in L10

    Change the trigger back so it fits in prod? It's an easy job. FYI at this years Australian nationals my match score dropped 4% if I changed the scoring from major to minor. 84 extra points dropped over a 20 stage match.
  22. Shooting minor PF in L10

    You have one of the best production guns already -- the SP01 Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  23. Benelli Shell Lifters...why?

    Check out the load port on a 1897 Winchester...easy shotgun to load. I think there must be lawyer proofing in todays designs:-)
  24. Tuning for "auto forward" slide lock reloads

    Well Memphis. As usual, your suggestion worked perfectly. I rounded off those edges you highlighted and it is hitting the auto forward 100% of the time now. Did about 30 in a row in dryfire. Thanks again!
  25. Vortex Razor Red Dot Distortion

    Maybe it’s my eyes or my glasses because I have 4 of these Razors and they’re all the same.
  26. Is Revolver officially dead

    I shot a gun other than a revolver in USPSA once. So boring.
  27. To get the lateral play out of the slide-frame fit, I gently squeezed the slide in a padded vise. Take it slow and trial fit; getting ham-handed can crack the slide. For the vertical, I used a center punch on the side of the frame rails to move the metal a bit; I did the front and rear on both sides, supporting the back side so the frame isn't bent.. If too much moved (unlikely - the surface is hard), it can be removed with a file. Be sure to use a file with flat sides when working in the slot. For the amount I shoot, this has been durable, but may not hold for tens of thousands of rounds. I have heard of using welded dots that are filed down to fit, but have no experience with the technique. Tightening the barrel-slide fit is really easy - use a center punch on the front face face of the slide at ~5:00 and ~7:00 near the barrel opening; that will move a small amount of metal to remove the play. If you overdo it, a fine diamond file or emery cloth over a dowel can be used to remove the excess. These techniques worked because I was only taking out a few thousandths of play - the Hunter is a custom shop product so the fit is better than that of a regular production Witness.
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