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  2. This is what i am using for 3 gun. My local club likes to make you crawl under things, and jump over objects, as well as shooting prone. I realize, it's not a retention holster, beside friction, but I've never had any issues with my XDm .40 that I shoot coming loose.
  3. What recoil spring do you recommend. I mostly shoot 125gn lrn 4.0gn bullseye 1.13 OAL and 147gn cast also with bullseye. I just compete for fun so my pf means nothing for now. I did buy a XDM 4.5 in 40cal but haven't installed any aftermarket do dads yet. I am running PRP match trigger in both mine and my sons XDM 9's. I have different powders I could try just have over 20lbs of bullseye on hand. Also what pound spring comes stock in XDM 9mm full size not the competition model?
  4. I've been loading the 115 grain Extreme Bullets for my Wife's XDm. I haven't had any issues.
  5. My upper of choice on the three PCC's I've built has been the Aero Slick Side. No need for the FA so why have it? Makes for a very clean looking rifle. As for comps, I've used the JP on two and an Armalite comp on the third. I opened the comp up to 9MM, sent it and the barrel to ADCO and had them cut and re-thread it so the barrel would be just over 16" pin and welded. It came out pretty nice.
  6. An hour a day dryfiring while gripping hard. Might as well beging weight training to fix shooter's elbow right now.
  7. So reloads actually are a bit easier then? I've never handled them before so I don't have anything to compare to. I had my first stuck mag (because of my pro-grip) and had to pull it out myself so now I'm considering getting the basepads.
  8. If you're not shooting IPSC (you're outside the USA) then there's no reason to pay the premium for the Xtreme models.
  9. If I should just grab the witness limited what mods should I do to make it comp ready
  10. Extra grip and a little added weight to get the mag to drop. Plus you can color code and have your mags numbered.
  11. The extended pads also make seating the mag a little easier.
  12. Well I just got notice that a tanfo witness limited is in stock for me in 40 or should I hold out for a limited extreme which is 800 more prob or will I dump 800 into the limited and have it better than an extreme the other one I have been waiting on is the witness limited custom (blue one) help me out. Please. Pros cons. Thanks
  13. I also have 3 " new style " STI mags with Gramms guts and they work flawless. They are 40 cal. Was breaking in a friends new 2011 9mm build today and ended up putting Gramms guts in the MBX mag to get it to run reliable.
  14. The typical ones like Anderson and Stoeger. For those interested in leadership topics, my favorite is Andy Stanley Leadership podcast on iTunes. Also, if you like history topics, check out Dan Carlin's Hardcore History.
  15. Hoping I can get some input here. My son, who is just turning 13, is looking for a handgun to shoot IPSC Production Division. We were initially both thinking we would go with something like the CZ shadow, but he is a little uncomfortable having to manually decock the CZ, so we are looking at other options now. He also shoots left handed, so that is another consideration on what we chose. A 2022 that has come up for sale and we were thinking this may be a good choicefor him. Just based on some research we did, it seems well suited to smaller hands, seems to be reliable and even though the decocking lever is on the left, left handed shooters seem comfortable reaching over with their right hand to decock the pistol. It also seems like the mag release is easy enough to work with the left hand trigger finger. So it seems like the 2022 would be a good option, at least for the next fey years for him to use. At this point, I am just wondering if I am missing anything, or are there any better choices that meet these criteria?
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  17. Do people find that replacing the basepads with Springer Precisions or Shockbottles really aid in drawing the mag? Or is it just looks? I'm a little confused why they're so commonly replaced when the metal just wears rapidly from dropping on the ground.
  18. The new Mk IV is excellent and far easier to takedown than previous models. Be aware that there is a big recall on them right now. I need to send mine back to Ruger. Still, they are excellent and a good value.
  19. Problem fixed... changed from the Faxon to the QC10 Colt BCG and it works like a champ.
  20. Browning Buck Mark or Ruger Mark IV. Good to start with a .22. Later when he is familiar with rules and handling a gun a decent 9 mm would be good.
  21. Crisper break, shorter reset. Both are excellent, and it could be a random thing that my 2.0 Burwell trigger is 'better' than my 1.0 Burwell trigger....but it's apparent to anyone with experience with triggers...
  22. Forgot to mention they are the 40 mags, although I can't imagine there is much difference
  23. Hello everyone!! Every time i do a google search on shooting related stuff this forum always pops up. You guys are some of the most knowledgeable and down to Earth people so i figured i had to join. I have been shooting in a trap league for 5 or 6 years and in January i started to compete in IDPA and USPSA and i am hooked! Other than that outside of work you can find me hunting, fishing, camping, reloading, or shooting..............................and a few Bud Lights or Captain Morgans with root beer
  24. I have three of the new sti tubes with grams guts and they all work flawlessly. I honestly like them better than my MBX mags. You still have to modify the follower to not lock back but 5 minutes each with a dremel fixes that.
  25. 4.0 gr TG @ about 1.10 works well with most Jhp bullets. You can go longer if you like. But that powder charge will get you in the 130pf range.
  26. S&W 2206. Love mine
  27. Ask @PatriotDefense
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