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  2. So is it a finish issue that I should address with STI? I really get ticked seeing a $2k gun look like crap. I have used kydex with my sigs, H&K's, M&P's, etc and never had this issue.
  3. When you are rushed, you tend to get tense. And when you get tense, you are no longer accurate, or even fast. You need to get the hand on the grip, accurately, with no wasted movement - and sights on the target, with no wasted movement - and no perceived stop in the middle. It might be good to start at a very relaxed pace to find the track your hands need to make, and increase speed until you start missing the grip or target. Get used to the pace where you are barely accurate enough. Somebody mentioned starting with your hands on grip and in front of your solar plexus, lifting them, and then reversing that movement. That should work. The movement can be very powerful, but don't let it become tense.
  4. Just remember Stealthy, old chum, Cheap can be really expensive as well! There was this one time in Thailand............Oh wait that's SEATO!
  5. Alright, time to revive this thread now that I have my slide and frame fit up. I started with a CK arms LDC Widebody frame and a bald STI unique 40 S&W slide. Please keep in mind I have zero experience building 1911/2011's, so my terminology could be a little wack.. Hopefully these pictures don't make this a page long post.. First off, I'm going to use this image to reference the measurements in which I was working off. I threw away the note I had all my exact measurements on once I finished fitting this up. (Wish I would have saved them for this post.) This picture was my roughest measurement, since I was going purely off the feel of the gage block fit. I used two .0920 dia. gage pins and a .5720 gage block stack to measure this. It was a tight slip fit, so I assumed there was an extra .0001-.0002 clearance between the gage blocks and pins. I was pretty bummed that there was already .008ish (rough measurement) clearance between the slide and frame on the "C" dimension and .0005-.0020 (not perfect form) clearance on the "D" dimension before I did any machining. That left me no chance to give the slide and frame an ideal vertical fit. I was pretty surprised about the amount of clearance on the "C" dimension, since a lot of the YouTube videos I've watched involved machining the top of the rails on the frame. The "A" dimension already was clearanced, which was fine with me because the "B" dimension had .006 of interference I could work with to fit the side to side play. After measuring the A-D dimensions on my slide and frame using gage blocks, gage pins, a .00005 dial test indicator, a micrometer, and a surface plate I was able to start machining. (I obviously used my calipers to ball park all the numbers before I moved on to the precise stuff..) I played around with the clamps on my grinding fixture to get the bottom rail surface that runs the length of the frame indicated within .0002 parallel with the bottom of my fixture. I placed my fixture on a sine plate and adjusted the angle on the sine plate until I was able to indicate within .0001 across the 2 inch gage pin in the slide stop pin hole. I figured I'd try to keep everything square to slide stop hole, since that part of the frame has the most influence on the barrel lockup. (I think..) Once I had everything set up square to the slide stop pin and the bottom rail, I indicated the top part of the frame where the ejector sits out to the front rails. It was only .0016 out of form from the lowest spot to the highest spot. That's pretty decent in my opinion for a drilled hole and multiple milling setups.. I dusted this top surface flat and square removing minimal material. At this point I figured .008 clearance with out of square form was worse than .0096 clearance with good form on the "C" dimension.. Once I had the top surface squared to the bottom rail and the slide stop pin hole I was able to place that surface against another squaring fixture to work on the "B" dimension. I tapped the frame on the magnetic squaring fixture to indicate within .0001 across the .2010 dia. gage pin in the slide stop hole (pin was a slip fit). When I flipped the squaring fixture 90 degrees, I checked the rails to see how far out they were before I touched off on the grinder. I was upset that when the pin was indicating straight, the rails were about .0070 out from the back to front of the frame. There was only .006 interference before I started (.003/side) so clearly I was not able to machine the length of the rails on the sides of the frame square with the slide stop pin. I indicated the rails on my fixture .0025 out of flat in favor of the direction of squareness to the slide stop pin. Still WAY out of square compared to what I was hoping for, but that was as good as I could get it while still being able to clean up the entire surface on the grinder. Confused yet?? I ground equal amounts off each of the side rails keeping them parallel with each other and square to the top of the frame, which I squared to the slide stop pin and bottom rails earlier. I ground the "B" dimension on the frame to the exact number I got for the "B" measurement on the slide. I was barely able to start the slide on the frame. (Approx. .5-.75 inches.) I debated grinding the frame further to the fit I wanted, but decided to lap it the rest of the way. My decision was based on the blasted finish on the slide. I knew it would wear quickly, so I wanted to lap it smooth to help preserve my ideal fit. The lapping compound I chose should have given me about .0002-.0003/side clearance. (I didn't measure.) I had to lightly tap the slide back and forth a couple dozen times before I was able to cycle it completely back and forth using only my hands. I cleaned lap off and the slide will slowly slide off the frame without any influence if I tip the rails perpendicular with the ground and give the frame a shake. This is as tight and smooth as I could have possibly fit this slide and still have it move free. I personally think the fit is too tight and the gun will not function once it heats up and gets dirty. I figured It is a piece of cake to loosen it up if it has reliability issues because of the fit. The perfectionist in me wants to try a different frame with some more stock so I can also fit the vertical play and completely square the rails with the slide stop pin hole. Do you guys think I'm wasting my time putting more work into this frame since there is so much vertical play?
  6. So, will rule 3.3.1 be in force or are out of staters without pre ban mags just going to be at a disadvantage after finding 10 round mags?
  7. There have been several questions about the legality of out-of-state competitors coming into MA for a match. First, here’s the obligatory “I’m not a lawyer and I don’t play one on TV or the internet”. Any legal advice you take from anyone on the internet you should research for yourself and ask for citations of the statutes that backup what people said. Again, I’m not a lawyer. The following info has been reviewed with others with more experience with the laws regarding firearms in Massachusetts, and I’ve included the statute citations and links to the MA laws for you to read for yourself. Don’t take the words of internet keyboard commandos. There is lots of incorrect information being spread around. Having said all that…. Question: Can non-residents come into MA for a competition? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ “Chapter 140, Section 131G. Carrying of firearms by non-residents; conditions Any person who is not a resident of the commonwealth may carry a pistol or revolver in or through the commonwealth for the purpose of taking part in a pistol or revolver competition or attending any meeting or exhibition of any organized group of firearm collectors or for the purpose of hunting; provided, that such person is a resident of the United States and has a permit or license to carry firearms issued under the laws of any state, district or territory thereof which has licensing requirements which prohibit the issuance of permits or licenses to persons who have been convicted of a felony or who have been convicted of the unlawful use, possession or sale of narcotic or harmful drugs....” This law has remained unchanged for years. MA has a long history of hosting big matches, including many USPSA, IDPA, and others. So yes, non-residents are fine coming into MA for a competition. = Question: What's the deal with magazine capacity? ------------------------------------------------------------------ “Chapter 140, Section 121: Firearms... definitions….application of law; exceptions Large capacity feeding device'', (i) a fixed or detachable magazine, box, drum, feed strip or similar device capable of accepting, or that can be readily converted to accept, more than ten rounds of ammunition or more than five shotgun shells; or (ii) a large capacity ammunition feeding device as defined in the federal Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act, 18 U.S.C. section 921(a)(31) as appearing in such section on September 13, 1994. The term ''large capacity feeding device'' shall not include an attached tubular device designed to accept, and capable of operating only with,.22 caliber ammunition.” Basically MA still lives under the old Federal Assault Weapons ban. So pre-ban magazines are fine. The magic date for the mag is 'on or before 9/13/1994'. Anything manufactured after that date must be 10 rounds or less. Also see: (note section 121 is about getting a dealer’s license, so if you’re not a dealer or not LEO, you can not have a post-ban hi-cap mag in MA). Again, pre-bans are fine. = Question: But I heard that non-residents couldn’t even bring pre-ban mags? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ “Chapter 269, Section 10: Carrying dangerous weapons...; possession of large capacity weapon or large capacity feeding device; punishment Section 10. (a) Whoever, except as provided or exempted by statute, knowingly has in his possession; or knowingly has under his control in a vehicle; a firearm, loaded or unloaded, as defined in section one hundred and twenty-one of chapter one hundred and forty without either:... ….. (4) having complied with the provisions of sections one hundred and twenty-nine C and one hundred and thirty-one G of chapter one hundred and forty; or ….” Note the key phrase is ‘except as provided or exempted by statute’. Recall that non-residents are allowed to bring their gear into MA for a competition without needing a license-to-carry. And it’s explicitly mentioned here in exemption (4)... C 140, S 131G is the non-resident statute. 129C is about possession as it relates to an FID card (firearms identification card), which doesn’t apply since a non-resident is exempted under 131 G. So yes, a non-resident coming into MA for a competition can bring their legal pre-ban magazines into MA. = Question: I heard that non-residents couldn’t bring ‘large capacity weapons’ into MA too? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Same as above. C 269 S 10 covers both ‘large capacity weapon’ and ‘large capacity feeding devices’. And exemption (4) allows for non-residents when following C 140 S 131G. = Question: I heard it was illegal for kids to participate. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 140, Section 130 ½: Lawfully furnishing weapons to minors for hunting, recreation, instruction and participation in shooting sports “Section 1301/2. Notwithstanding section 130 or any general or special law to the contrary, it shall be lawful to furnish a weapon to a minor for hunting, recreation, instruction and participation in shooting sports while under the supervision of a holder of a valid firearm identification card or license to carry appropriate for the weapon in use; provided, however, that the parent or guardian of the minor granted consent for such activities.” = Question: What’s this about ‘MA Compliant’ handguns? Can’t I bring my new wiz-bang new fangled blaster? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Chapter 140, Section 131 ¾: Roster of large capacity rifles, shotguns, firearms, and feeding devices “Section 1313/4. The secretary of public safety shall, with the advice of the gun control advisory board established pursuant to the provisions of section 1311/2, compile and publish a roster of large capacity rifles, shotguns, firearms and feeding devices, all as defined in section 121, and such weapons referred to in clauses Eighteenth to Twenty-first, inclusive, of section 123. The secretary shall, not less than three times annually, publish the roster in newspapers of general circulation throughout the commonwealth, and shall send a copy thereof to all dealers licensed in the commonwealth under the provisions of said section 122 of said chapter 140; and further, the licensing authority shall furnish said roster to all cardholders and licensees upon initial issuance and upon every renewal of the same. …..” Recall that C 140, S 122 is the part about being a licensed dealer. ( And C 140, S 121 (Firearms sales; definitions; antique firearms; application of law; exceptions) outlines the definitions of the words used for describing the dealer sales. ( So, the laws about MA Compliant guns are dealer based and primarily have an effect on what MA FFLs can sell or transfer to consumers. They do not apply to what you can personally own/sell/possess. Note that mere possession of a noncompliant handgun, is NOT a criminal offense. This can't be stated enough, as many in MA improperly use terms like "illegal in MA" or "banned in MA" to describe a handgun which a DEALER cannot sell or transfer. It does not impact what you as a person can have. There is no prohibition on what handguns can be legally possessed, sold or carried by an individual. USPSA Area 7 Director
  8. Need to see a pic. DOH hanger correct? Normally the DOH hanger cants the gun too far out requiring shims to make it within 2"
  9. If by concealed you mean in a holster on your hip all day, I think you would find it uncomfortable very quickly. They do make a similar gun, the Guardian, that you might want to take a look at; .
  10. Just be advised about the difference in the dawson screw vs the tanfo screw. The dawson set screw securing the sight is significantly smaller. Its nothing a little locktite or vibratite wont fix though. I have a .140 on my 9mm and its fine after some vibratite I had left over from my last precision AR build. Bout 200 rounds under it.
  11. Per the Hellfire website, the pin is a proprietary part and should have been included in the purchase. Give them a call. I bet they make it right. Might even have a suggestion on how to remove the pin. Fully loaded Pmags are sometimes tight on other guns too. If you have access, see how an aluminum GI magazine fits. In matches I'll start with a Pmag and if I need a reload, it will be with an aluminum (Brownells) magazine. Loads much smoother in my guns.
  12. The reticle on the 1-4x is very similar to that on the older Burris MTAC, That was my starter scope in 3 gun. Great at short distances but ate my lunch past 150 yards. Others on here may disagree but that's my experience. The reticle on the new 1-6x is similar to that on the Burris XTR and XTRii scopes. For me it was a much better reticle. I don't know how long a wait until its released, but if the glass is anywhere near as good as it is in the XTR scopes, you will see one on my carbine. The PEPR mount is nice for the money. If you get the Fastfire 3 and mount it on your rifle, it will bump you into Open/Unlimited class.
  13. One in the gun and 2-3 on the belt depending on the stage. I also carry a couple extra to the match for unforeseen circumstances as you mentioned.
  14. Am I the only one that HATES the Xtreme sear? That terrible casting mark on the bottom adds to a good bit of grit during the DA pull.
  15. My PCC load; 135gr Bayou Bullet, 2.7gr of Clays, 1.105 O.A.L. 136pf
  16. Did spring, bushings and hammer. VERY happy with the light, snappy trigger. Can't wait to get it to the range tomorrow to group it in.
  17. It was suggested to me to grab the Burris Fullfield TAC30 1-4x24 Riflescope,Ballistic CQ Reticle w/ 3MOA Fastfire 3 & 30mm AR-P.E.P.R. Mount 200433-FF for a 3-gun AR. Would one of these be better for 3-gun? I'm not much versed in rifle scopes. What are opinions on these? Seems it's a more expensive option & doesn't have a mount in the package for what I can tell. I've not done much research on scopes yet so any help is appreciated as I'm new to shooting & planning to start competing in 3-gun this spring. Was hoping to stay around $500 total.
  18. PCC scores were based on Open scores to start. CO was matched to Production, in part, to not have another "only in some states" division. 10 rounds keeps things equal, nationally. You can use your full-capacity mags for CO - you just load them to 10.
  19. Thanks for the replies, I talked to my buddy who is a machinist and helped with making the lower, of the 20 some guys who ordered and cut the lowers nobody got a screw in pin, which is at the start worrisome as I don't know how often it would need replaced! The pin is tight I tapped it in with small hammer, I'll try the utility knife if not prolly going to use Dremel and try to cut the pin on 1 side. I did however find another issue with it as well, had it cerakoted and put in a pmag and it is a REALLY tight fit, mag has to be pulled out somewhat hard, so now on top of first issue I have this too. Might try taking back to shop who did coating and has a gunsmith on site and see what the can do. Worst case scenario I have to order a new lower and bolt catch! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  20. thank you! I wish I knew lol been too busy still haven't put many rounds through it
  21. I will say ARy and PD have THE best customer service I have seen in the industry! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  22. i honestly dont know. ive tinkered with mine, and when i get everything close to where i think it should be either its an inconsistant swage, or the backup rod smashes the flashhole burr into the flash hole closing it off, etc. thus far havent been impressed by this feature on the press or the less than stellar instructions in the manual.
  23. I like the cylinder release on the one with the PPC sight.
  24. Seekins brake Stretch 16 barrel SLR adj gas block JP low mass BCG JP silent captured spring Very flat shooting.
  25. Do you use the Lee or EGW undersize die for .40 or just the standard full size sizing die that comes in the set? I'm trying to find out if buying the U die is worth it.
  26. Here is something to look at. Ordering an extended firing pin block, none of the "related items" were the spring for the XFPB. Minor, but those should probably be tied together. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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