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  2. Czechmate barrel failed

    I have not seen any of my shooting friends cracks or breaks their Shadow 2. all own longer than 8 months and shoot 15k and more.
  3. The rule book says hammer fully decocked, the ruling says where a decocker drops it is ok. Many decockers drop the hammer to half cock, which is not fully decocked. How is that not a contradiction?
  4. Red vs Green Fiber Optic front sight

    I like the green better and easier for my eyes to pick up. Plus, it reminds me I’m NOT shooting my Open gun.....lol
  5. It’s all there in plain English. There is no contradiction
  6. 9 Major Reloads Question

    I load in large batches(typically 3-4k), case gauge and box them up. All ammo is match and practice. I have a box of 15k once fired for majors.
  7. STI DVC Limited for USPSA?

    Thanks, louu!
  8. STI DVC Limited for USPSA?

    Good advice. Thank you.
  9. Why print a new rule book when there is a ruling every other week that subverts it....... I think we should all just get our own personal rulings in emails form DNROI, problems solved
  10. Haha, yet another ruling that goes against the plain English of the rule book. Oh well, I guess me and the rule book was wrong :-)
  11. Why coated bullets

    I use the original Hi-Tek coated bullets by Bayou Bullets. Less smoke, faster, leaves barrel cleaner, no leading, cheaper than Plated or Jacketed, accurate with right powder and OAL, Crimp 9mm at .3785. The 120 TCG with 3.8gr of T.G. at 1.060 avg 1.05" 5-shot avg from my ransom rest in my DVC 9mm.
  12. Domina compensators

    That's the idea I had, I was gonna try to get a local custom gunsmith to make one using the single port factory ammo barrel with the original comp removed. I saw that they have conversion cones for 1911's http://www.egwguns.com/1911-parts/conversion-cone/ so you can take a straight threaded barrel and make it into a cone barrel and it has larger outside threads to accept a more standard size hybrid comp 11/16 x 40, other than the internal thread size difference between the 1911 and stock Tanfoglio barrel the cone is larger in diameter where it locks up. I know the comp more than likely would need some fitting to work with the slide and frame at least clearance wise.
  13. Production changes ..

    Dilly dilly!!
  14. Quicker transitions

    JJ Racarza has a great you tube video showing how to ride the recoil to the next target.
  15. Trigger control with a light trigger

    Rob Leatham has a you tube video about that. Great tip!
  16. STI DVC Limited for USPSA?

    Dave Dawson actually steered me to the Edge as well as some GM shooters. The DVC is lighter supposedly cycles faster, my logic is that my reaction time will not allow the benefit of a couple thousanths of a second in cycle time to benefit me. The small amount of extra weight the Edge has does allow me to shoot with less felt recoil however. I actually started USPSA in .45 acp limited with a Springfield Armory so dropping to a .40 in a 2011 was easy. I have not even shot the 9mm in a 1911/2011 platform.
  17. 9 Major Reloads Question

    You guys gauge practice ammo also ? just curious . I shoot 800 a week in practice and even with the hundo, it takes time that sometimes i don't have between loading, dry fire and a job LOL
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  19. Moving to Carry Optic

    Iv never shot pistols with one yet but my LMT has a lucid on it and it was the strangest feeling keeping both eyes open and on target. Took me a month or so of practicing to get it down....still practicing even 3 years later but iv found my target acquisition with it on is much faster. Practice snap caps and dry firing around the house aiming at random objects.
  20. Domina compensators

    I would really like a barrel with said cone attached and then a good 1/2 of threads for a muzzle device at the end...
  21. 9 Major Reloads Question

    Same here. I can't remember my last ammo failure. It's been years.
  22. Remember that the Hornady is an auto-indexing press while the 550 is manual. That may or may not be a big deal to you. Since I started on the Lee Classic Turret that is also an auto-index press I never considered the 550 more than briefly as having the auto-index feature was a requirement for me. Therefore the 650.
  23. Domina compensators

    Yeah, that does make sense. Well, I have really wanted someone to machine up a cone that could thread onto a standard barrel with the same profiles and the cone-lock barrels anyway (stock 1/2 or limited). Seems like that would do the same job as needed here, too.
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  25. “Budget” build help

    I already I already have several 9mm bolts (PSA and Spinta) so decided to go with the un-ramped barrel. At the same time I ordered the Taccom 9mm ramp should there be any feeding problems. So far it has not been needed. Runs 100% without it.
  26. How Do You Store Your Rigs/Belts?

    I have a room dedicated to dryfire, so I lay it on the floor...
  27. P320RX vs the X5

    Okay, thanks. ETA: I looked up where the grip weight is located. Will that fit in the standard p320 grip frame?
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