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  2. Rock Island Hi Cap pistols

    I have the sps 9mm mags but my rock is in .40. The 9mm seats nice in the .40 and drops free. Hope that helps. Also the mag coach window was a little small for my 9mm and had to open up the window to get it to fit I’m my sti
  3. PT slide / frame fitment ?

    I did just about all of it with a 220 grit and then just smoothed it up once it would slide almost all the way on with a 600 and 800. On the area where the recoil spring sets I cut a small sliver of sand paper and faced the grit to the stone. This gave a smooth surface against the side so it didn't get scratched up. Did I explain that in a way that made sense?
  4. And get that chrono. It's a lot easier to trouble shoot things if you, 1. Use single headstamp brass until you know you don't have to, 2. Accurately measure your crimp, 3. Do the plunk test and 4. chrono your loads. And this assumes you are already working off published data.
  5. Zev Glock Slide w/ Zev internals - 40% light strikes HELP

    Sniper Boy, wow thanks for the input! Luckily I have another G19 that has stock slide/frame but using a 5 lb striker spring and OEM striker.. I was thinking of doing exactly what you said with the DK trigger setup and IDP lightweight striker that it comes with in the ZEV19 to see if it works. To be honest, I am fairly certain I've shot the same Hot Shot ammo with it, but I couldn't be 100% certain, this gun is mainly used for SSP IDPA matches and rarely hits the indoor range. Seems as I have some testing to do.. my biggest fear is that the aftermarket ZEV slide has too tight of a tolerance and is causing a binding ever so slightly in the firing pin liner like you said, even ZEV tech support said their tolerances are super tight, so if that's the case and this ZEV slide fails with the DK kit, a stock OEM striker w/ 5 lb spring and/or a ZEV striker w/ a 4.5 lb spring then I suppose I need to send it back to ZEV.
  6. MBX Extension help!

    I have 2- 33 rd with TF 41 extensions that run flawlessly. I also have a 33 rd with the MBX mega that runs flawlessly I can even reload to it with 56 rds. I just ordered 2- MBX mini's hope they will be ok.
  7. Has everyone come to the conclusion that the best 140 mm base pads for the Q5 are the a Taran Tactical ones, possibly with the addition of the Grams P320 follower (if you’re ok with them not locking back)? I’m getting ready to order a set and want to make sure I get the best ones.
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  9. As said pull the barrel. If the barrel is super dirty you may want to look at cleaning the piston and tappet assembly too.
  10. Phantom

    I do prefer the steel frame but unfired and at that price I wouldn’t think twice about it and take it home before someone else does.
  11. Prima Vectan BA 9 1/2 Powder Loads/Feedback/Etc.

    I bought 10000 124 xtrme. Need a powder. Got half a pound of Prima V left.
  12. Listen to Sarge Jack and Memphis. I especially agree with Sarge on the recoil spring. When using low power reloads you have to tune those. I use a 9# spring on my Shadow 2 and my Beretta 92's to get consistent extraction. Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk
  13. Bi focal or not?

    Normally wear progressives. For iron sights, I have single Rx, distance for non-dominant eye (left), near RX (focus as front sight) for dominant eye. For CO I use my normal glasses as I can see the dot better.
  14. Phantom

    Stock trigger is not great. CGW has a good kit for the Phantom, brings the DA/SA to near tolerable levels. I have one as a CO backup. I just prefer shooting steel framed guns.
  15. Rules and the 627 V comp

    Granted this was on a friend of mines revolver and I personally never used it only played with it. Compared to the stock release it did feel faster and for weak hand reloads it was definitely an advantage. It could be made different lengths to suit each ones need.
  16. Phantom

    Condition? Noisy trigger? Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  17. Bi focal or not?

    I use single vision, both eyes, with the focal point at 21 feet. Now, if this is for rifle, that's another ballgame.
  18. Vortex AMG UH-1

    I use a AMG UH-1 for PCC. I love it. Fantastic optic IMO. Would work very well for 3 gun IMO.
  19. Ontelaunee 3-Gun Will be holding (5) 3-Gun matches in 2018. Matches are held at Ontelaunee Rod & Gun Club in New Tripoli, PA Ontelaunee 3-Gun is a 3-Gun Nation club, so if you are not a member yet of 3-GN here is your chance to join and get classified. Match Dates for 2018 are: 1.) Saturday May 5th – Season Opener (7) Stages Total ((1) Classifier) 2.) Saturday June 2nd & Sunday June 3rd (7) Stages Total ((2) Classifiers) 3.) Saturday July 7th & Sunday July 8th – (7) Stages Total ((2) Classifiers) 4.) Sunday August 5th – (7) Stages Total ((1) Classifier) 5.) Saturday September 1st & Sunday September 2nd – (7) Stages Total ((2) Classifiers) Note that the June, July and September matches , shooters will have the option when registering to select shooting either day. They are not (2) day matches, you just have the option to shoot either of the 2 days. Due to other events at the club the May 5th match is a One day only shoot date and the August 5th match is also a one day shoot date (We will not be shooting 2 days in May & August) Also, Ontelaunee 3-Gun will be holding a R/O Workshop on Sunday March 18th, we will post more information on this just before the end of December. For updated and additional information & to watch Youtube videos of our matches visit the website at http://www.blindsquirrelsquad.com/index.php/ontelaunee-3gun/
  20. Bi focal or not?

    I am happy with single lens for dominant eye - can't see (no pun intended) how bi would help.
  21. I'm having FTE and FTF issues with my first reloads

    Plunk Test trumps Assumption, every time.
  22. I'd start by tightening the shell plate ...
  23. SV trigger fitting

  24. Which Optic

    I have the 6moa venom on my M&P Pro. I got it on sale from optics planet for cyber Monday. I've only sighted it in seeing I have the PCC Bug right now.
  25. Call Dillon. I don't have a Square Deal. I know that on my Dillon XL650, When I had the case crush issue, My shell plate was out of alignment. You're saying it's only happening every now and then right? Are you sure you are hitting your stops with the handle?
  26. MBX Extension help!

    Me becoming a PCC Master is an illusion. I'll be lucky if I don't shoot my eye out with the damn thing.
  27. No, I shot myself. Get it? I seated the bullet in the wrong direction, and shot myself. Man! Tough crowd.
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