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  2. Romeo 1

    Youd be surprised on what some of us have laying around.....lol
  3. 115? 124? 147? JHP?

    I prefer precision delta 124s. Little cheaper than Montana Gold but good bullets. I use them for my production load as well. Same powder - CFE Pistol. Just change powder amount and seating depth. Limited variables.
  4. WST users anyone? (9mm Prod)

    I was surprised when I popped the WST open; powders' gray! Powder's fluffy and light compared to TG. Loaded 4.6gr on Blue Bullets 147gr at 1.135"COL. I'll post my chrono results later.
  5. Shooting Suppressed.

    If you have a suppressed rifle, you might invest in an AirSoft timer. Most manufacturers make a version of the regular timers with a more sensitive shot sensor, that should be perfect for suppressed. When you go to shoot, hand the RO your timer, not like you are getting a score anyway.
  6. So I'm looking over the format and have a question; This is only a 2-day event on the 2nd-3rd correct? The Friday before is for shooters that are trying to shoot the whole match one day?
  7. Safety check at A3

    Absolutely. Applying the safety in DA and then pulling the trigger will damage the sear. It's enough to make a RO happy though, just sayin'.
  8. I read somewhere that PSA is no longer selling Metalform, only ASC & C products. Must be why they had so many sales on them recently. Glad I got a couple dozen.
  9. Shooting Suppressed.

    I'm hoping that when (not if) they allow transfers of suppressors on a 4473, they will become so common that the NROI will need to re-address the suppressor ban. I went to a non-USPSA match a few weekends ago and suppressors were not only allowed, but recommended. My kind of match. In the meantime, I hope MDs will allow suppressor shooters to at least participate for no score. Like Aircooled6racer said, put the timer close to the ejection port and it should work just fine. (Heck, when I turn up the sensitivity on my timer, its can pick up airsoft.)
  10. Today
  11. I use the ASC Colt style mags from Gun Mag Warehouse which IMHO is the only place to buy any type of mag. I have had zero feed issues in competitions or otherwise plus they are relatively inexpensive. For those of you that like to do 80% lowers SMF Tactical has a 9mm gun in a box, cut the receiver, assemble and away you go.
  12. Safety check at A3

    I will have to pull out the instruction sheet from CGW but given that it is just a set screw, don't they even tell you not to engage the safety in DA?
  13. Safety check at A3

    I have a CJW adjustable sear and while you can engage the safety in DA you can not pull the trigger. Have any of you guys fit CZC safeties?
  14. The Rockcastle ProAm 3Gun traditionally gives a lamp with a commemorative base. Pretty neat.
  15. The Forester dies will work just fine. You will still need to trim the brass after sizing thou. A common method is to have two heads set up, one for processing brass, (decap, size, and adding a Dillon trimmer here really makes quick work of it) and the other for loading it. Clean/tumble the brass before each, trim (if no Dillon on the processing head) and swage primer pockets between the two... jj
  16. Safety check at A3

    I did read the whole thread. As a former SP-01 shooter, I know that I would not of ever tried to set the safety with the hammer down. But consider the RO, who like Hopkins, does not know every word of the CZ manual and also shoots a decocker Beretta in production. He knows that on his gun,. at least, he can set the safety and will not be able to pull the trigger. He may not know that you are able to set the CZ safety but shouldn't because the factory says not to. He would logically think that if the design allowed the safety to be set, it should work like a safety. At that point you need to provide information that being able to pull the trigger when the safety is on with the hammer decocked is a normal , but not recommended state, from the OFM, not an aftermarket supplier to prove compliance with D4-22.1. The notation from the CZ manual should provide sufficient to reach the desired conclusion even if it is not explicitly stated. I looked up the Shadow 2 manual on line (Page 8 https://www.czub.cz/media/attachment/file/c/z/cz_shadow_2_en.pdf) and found the information that you need. It follows the paragraph that you quoted: " Since the trigger mechanism has been specifically adjusted, it is possible to move the safety onto the "SAFE" position even if the hammer is placed on the safety notch. In this case, however, it is strongly not recommended to engage the safety because the trigger mechanism might be damaged when cocking the hammer by force or pulling the trigger. If damage to the trigger mechanism occurs, let it be repaired by a certified gunsmith. Besides the method previously described it is possible to put the pistol into a safety mode and still be ready to fire immediately That sentence will get you past D4-22.1. The same notation is in the Shadow manual (http://cz-usa.com/hammer/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Instruction-Manual-cz-75-SP-01-Shadow_en.pdf ) on page 9. Bring the book and have a good nationals!
  17. AA#7

    When I started shooting USPSA in 1994, I heard of AA7 eroding barrels in only a couple thousand rounds. Anecdotal only. Don't know of many (or any) using it near me. Lots of good powders out there like HS6, Autocomp, Silhouette, to use a suspect powder.
  18. 320 x-vtac

    My dealer got the X5, V-TAC, and X Carry all on the same day. I really liked the V-TAC, and would rather had that than the X5, but I had my dealer order the X5 for me, so I got the X5. All 3 pistols sold in one day. I like the sights on the V-TAC way more than the X5; fiber optic with tritium.
  19. Mine is on Fedex truck for delivery today. Ordered April 16, 2016 will be delivered August 18, 2017. That puts it at 18 months though I am sure being a CA gun added a bit of an extra month or to to the process.
  20. WST users anyone? (9mm Prod)

    MM - The rate of velocity increase is not dropping off. Look at its change from 3.6 to 3.8 and from 3.8 to 4.0. The spike you refer to occurs when charge goes up and velocity does not. That is definitely a no-go area in reloading. It is also why everyone who reloads should have a chrono.
  21. Romeo 1

    Can't hurt to try
  22. Best Twist Rate for 38 Wadcutters?

    Tommy thanks for the reply. Is there a specific bullet that would work best with a stock smith barrel? Or, do I shoot the 148 grain hbwc, and do the best I can with that?
  23. WARNING: Independence 5.56 Ammo

    Just crunched some numbers on my Oehler Ballistic Explorer: A 55 gr. Hornady FMJ bullet starting at 3240 fps at our rarified atmosphere of a mile high (5300' - which will make retained velocities higher than sea level) has the following remaining velocities: 50 yds : 3069 fps 100 yds : 2905 fps 200 yds : 2594 fps 300 yds : 2304 fps When we hit the full sized IPSC target w/ strobes @ 530 yards at RM3G this year (7000' ASL), a 55 gr. Sierra Blitzking @ 3240 fps was moving at about 1850 fps. ericm
  24. RCBS Pro Chucker 5

    I won't say return it and get a Dillon. Sorry, I can't! Return it and get a Dillon.
  25. Hornady lnl powder drop

    I wrapped clear packing tape around the tube to tighten it up when putting it in. That way I can still get it apart to clean it if need be. And yes, I had the tube pop off when it was about 1/2 full of TG. What a mess...
  26. RCBS Pro Chucker 5

    The most coverage Ive seen for issues with this press are on AR15.com in the reloading forum. Lets just say most people are less than enthusiastic for the issues this press has. The only thing I have seen is that the redesigned slides are more durable, but be sure you have more than a single extra spare. My take on it is that RCBS had a chance to clean sheet design a modern progressive press taking the best parts of alot of different designs, and sell something that was really good. I am in the market for a new progressive, and the PC 7 was on the list, key word being was.
  27. I use the extra long zigracker on the left side with a 90 degree mount. Makes a nice kickstand too.
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