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  2. Video of S&W 500 exploding

    I'm guessing 'Ouch!' is the word we're looking for?
  3. RO talking to shooter after LMR

    ^das da troof
  4. RO talking to shooter after LMR

    When working as an RO/CRO running the Timer, you need to take the job seriously, follow the rules, and respect the shooters turn to perform. What one person considers a harmless social conversation during the MR process can be annoying or distracting to another person. When I am running the timer, I purposefully restrict my verbal communication to only the Range Commands and simple Yes/No answers to pointed questions from the shooter. I use hand gestures as much as I can instead of speaking to further minimize distraction or confusion. I also patiently wait however long it takes for the shooter to Make Ready regardless of my impression of it taking too long. Its their time to do as they wish and I shouldn't be the one to negatively impact that process. On average it takes about 2 minutes to run a shooter through a stage from start to finish. If you can't restrain yourself from initiating inappropriate social conversations for that short of a time period, then you probably shouldn't be running the timer. If you want to chit chat with the shooter or peanut gallery incessantly then don't RO. Don't get me wrong, I like socializing with people while on the range shooting or ROing. But as with many other things in life, there is an appropriate time for doing that. I am all for having fun and keeping the overall mood on the stage in a positive manner. But when its time to work and respect others time to get their job done, I am all business.
  5. P320 X5 Thread

    Just got my X5 back from Robert Burke - the average of 10 pulls on my Lyman gauge was 2.7. Reset is much improved and trigger overall is much smoother. Test-fire this afternoon.
  6. Video of S&W 500 exploding

    A classic case of loading a .380 brass ....
  7. Sintox primers

    IIRC they were one of the first to use a marking substance aka, gun shot residue to help forensics. Other than that, not much (I could be wrong, though).
  8. Daughter moving to Phoenix

    At least she'll be commuting south and north, rather than east and west - that sun will be fierce at commuting time
  9. Recomendations on electronic muffs

    I went all out and bought myself a pair of MSA Sordin with the gel earcups. Pricey, but for me, I really like them. Bought mine from SRS Tactical. I shot them with expensive stocks and haven't scratched or nicked any of my stocks with this headset.
  10. Tanfo Domina

    Here's my welded 170 next to MBX, and an up close of the weld job. I sent two to Joe, and he said they run flawless run of his GT, too.
  11. Am I being too picky about OAL

    Very common - no real problem for action sports. Have you tried to separate the brass (even after you've already loaded them) and see if that improves your OAL's?
  12. Hi

    Hi everyone I'm new to this forum...been prepping a little over a year. Hoping to pick up some good info from you experts!
  13. I bought a new 650 about 6 weeks ago. I've had a 550b for about 5 yrs now. I can't seem to get consistent OAL's on my 650 (well I have this problem on my 550 too). On most of the rounds, the OAL vary by about .005 to .006. I've a few that vary by .010. Is this anything to be concerned about or am I just being too picky. And yes, the headstamp on the brass is mixed.
  14. I would love to try out a qc10 stuff. I have NFA carbine that was pretty reasonable. I just built a 4.5" 9mm ar pistol for fun with a $69 Blem palmetto State lower. Gun runs great
  15. Tanfo Domina

    It wasn't until recently folks were actually able to source 38 super, large frame big sticks. Either from EAA or across the pond. EAA is now stocking them. There is a reason the EAA or welded tubes work better than MBX - there are no guide indentations on the MBX. The amount you have to play around with the different OAL before you get your gun to actually feed right or stop nose dives will drive you crazy. Also, you'd better be using RN if you have the slightest hope of having confidence in an MBX. The factory mags, whether you buy the big stick now, or weld two tubes together, they have the indentations that make reliability excellent.
  16. Seating stem indent on Match bullets

    The neck tension hadn’t even occurred to me, thanks for that. I use a Lyman M die to expand the necks after sizing and also to open the necks a bit to seat flat base bullets. I might try to expand the neck a bit more than normal and try to seat then. So if you use a longer drop tube it’ll help the powder settle more?
  17. Align Reaming Comp, and Trubor TC2

    The Trubor blanks are rifled (bore diameter) through the entire comp section so they definitely need to be align reamed at some point. We do it after machining and before they leave the shop but it never hurts to check it just in case.
  18. Tube style optic

    The Romeo 5 is a clone of the Aimpoint H1/T1 design. I have an H1 and a TruGlo Tru Tec 20mm (another H1/T1 clone) and the view is fine for me. I have run the H1 on a Saiga shotgun for about 5 years and the scope body not distracting once you get used to it. The idea is to keep both eyes open and the scope body will seem to disappear. Doug
  19. Today
  20. RO talking to shooter after LMR

    The Rule Book, as usual, covers it pretty well. CHAPTER 7: Match Management 7.1 Match Officials The duties and terms of reference of Match Officials are defined as follows: 7.1.1 Range Officer (“RO”) – issues range commands, oversees competitor compliance with the written stage briefing and closely monitors safe competitor action. He also declares the time, scores and penalties achieved by each competitor and verifies that these are correctly recorded on the competitor’s score sheet (under the authority of a Chief Range Officer and Range Master). 8.3 Range Communication The approved range commands and their sequence are as follows: 8.3.1 “Make Ready” – This command signifies the start of “the Course of Fire”. Under the direct supervision of the Range Officer the competitor must face down range, or in a safe direction as specified by the Range 32 USPSA Handgun Rules, February 2014 Edition Officer, fit eye and hearing protection, and prepare the handgun in accor-dance with the written stage briefing. The competitor must then assume the specified start position. The Range Officer will not proceed with any further range commands until the competitor is still and is in the correct start position. 8.6 Assistance or Interference 8.6.1 No assistance of any kind can be given to a competitor during a course of fire, except that any Range Officer assigned to a stage may issue safety warnings to a competitor at any time. Such warnings will not be grounds for the competitor to be awarded a reshoot. 8.6.2 Any person providing interference or unauthorized assistance to a competitor during a course of fire (and the competitor receiving such assistance) may, at the discretion of a Range Officer, incur a 34 USPSA Handgun Rules, February 2014 Edition procedural penalty for that stage and/or be subject to Section 10.6. When approved by the Range Officer, competitors at Level I matches may, without penalty, receive whatever coaching or assistance they request. 8.6.4 In the event that inadvertent contact from the Range Officer or another external influence has interfered with the competitor during a course of fire, the Range Officer may offer the competitor a reshoot of the course of fire. The competitor must accept or decline the offer prior to seeing either the time or the score from the initial attempt. However, in the event that the competitor commits a safety infraction during any such interference, the provisions of Section 10.3 may still apply. NROI Range Officer's Creed As a USPSA Range Officer, I shall conduct all competitions with the safety of the competitors, spectators and fellow Range Officials first and foremost in my thoughts and actions. I shall always be courteous while maintaining firm control over my range and areas of responsibility. I will always strive to be totally fair and impartial in my judgments. Safety shall always be my primary goal, with efficiency and speed of the competition as secondary factors. It is a privilege and an honor to serve as a Range Officer and I shall act accordingly. It is my duty to assist all competitors in their attempts to accomplish their goals and not to hinder them by undue harassment and authoritarian behavior. I shall put aside personal prejudices and act as an impartial judge at all times. I shall keep my opinions to myself and shall not be critical of any individual beyond the field of contest. I will thoroughly familiarize myself with all current regulations, match rules and attendant subjects. I will be firm and fair in all judgmental calls made during the course of a stage, and be prepared to state in a clear and concise manner my reasons for such calls to the particular competitor or any Range Official. During the course of a stage, my attention shall be clearly focused on the particular competitor I am assigned to observe, and I shall not permit my attention to be misdirected or lax. Prior to and during a stage, I shall never consume any alcoholic beverage or narcotic. I understand that if I violate this rule, I may be suspended or barred from serving as a Range Official in the future. I shall confer only with my fellow Range Officers and Match Officials concerning the behavior of any competitor and any decisions to be rendered. I shall exercise due consideration for the personal emotions of any competitor, and shall act in a manner so as not to embarrass or disturb the competitor any more than is absolutely necessary. I shall strive to never give even the appearance of wrongdoing.
  21. Tube style optic

    I have the Romeo 5 on my MPX. The only reason that I put the Romeo 5 on it is because it had Sig on it. I had the Primary Arms before that. I think that I paid around $130 on line somewhere. Holosun, Primary Arms, and the Sig are all basically the same sight. Not sure who is the home company is that is making all three, but they are the same basic sights. For the money, they can't be beat. I have used all three brands, and I like the Primary Arms the best. I did have one of the Holosuns that dimmed and got brighter depending on the ambient light. It was cool, but just one more thing to go wrong at match time. I have the small dots on all of my rifles and have not had a issue with any of them.
  22. Lets talk about training

    What is your current class in the division your training for? Limited A How much do you really dry fire? 2x 40-45 minutes a day, 6 days a week. Some times cut short by family obligations. How long have you been dry firing at that level? 3 months. Previously I was 1 x 45 a day. Have been dry firing seriously for about a year and a half. I was truly awful when I started. What type of dry fire program are you doing? Right now, I do Anderson's first 12 in the AM, with an emphasis on speed. In the evening session, it is more field course/movement related with an emphasis on seeing the sights/match mode. How much live fire training are you doing? Nowhere near enough.. What classes have you taken? Stoeger's fundamentals, Frank Proctor uspsa skills class. have at least one Stoeger class on the books later this year, working to squeeze another one in. Do you feel your current training is sufficient for your current goals? No. I need more live fire. Regular live fire practice is a definite goal for 2018. Do you do any mental specific training? No. Do you know the training routine of any top level shooters? Not outside of what has been disclosed in books or podcasts. There is some good stuff in this thread.
  23. from this side the angle looks o.k . but it looks on last pic. that it need better polish - like mirror. the most important place : meeting between feed ramp and the chamber must be perfectly rounded (not too deep- brass need support) and polished. pic. from side and 45 deg. can be better choice. extractor looks o.k. i don't see any broken edges.
  24. Looking for bench ideas, search CL for "Equipto"

    I remember those days of smaller portable benches. Luckily, the Air Force bases I was at had their own wood hobby shops, so I was able to make my own bench back then about 20 years ago. One base had a mortising machine so the first bench I made is mortise and tenoned together. It's now in my basement where all my casting equipment is stored. I am still looking at metal drawer cabinets and tall storage cabinets on Craig's List...I keep telling myself there has got to be a neater more organized looking way to store all the reloading paraphenalia.
  25. 650 Bent failsafe bracket

    Dillon here on the forums had PM'ed one time years ago to tell me that the little spring above the wingnut on the failsafe rod should have a gap between the coils just enough to get a matchbook cover in there. Google "Dillon Powder measure retrograde" and order the two springs from Dillon.
  26. Knockoff mag pouches

    It's all cheap Chinese made airsoft crap. Why would anyone buy it rather than the genuine article? You're spending thousands of dollars on a new gun but you want to be cheap and buy counterfeit mag pouches?
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