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  2. SIG MPX

    Gas block, valve and tappet. Do you Oil, grease or run dry?
  3. 40 minor Tanfo

    A buddy tweaked his shad2 and it pops winchester (set deep) with a 5.0# da. He is pretty good with tools, so ymmv. But, i think it's easier to get a quality trigger in a cz than a tanfo. However, it does feel different than a tanfo's done up trigger. Not "better", different.
  4. 40 minor Tanfo

    Among others. I shot the Glock too this year. Shot it well. Again, liked many things about it. Really only thing I didn't like was the mags seemed to stick on me quite a bit. But that doesn't seem to be a problem for Vogel and others at that level.
  5. SIG MPX

    Hello: Like anything else if you think it is worth it then it is. I shortened a carbine stock to about 10 1/2" but I have not weighted it yet. I think with some more time and so many people looking at PCC's now lots of new stuff will be coming out next year. People are looking at PCC's for home defense and AR training. Plus they are just fun to shoot. Thanks, Eric
  6. PCC decisions

    I think I’ve decided on the Sig. I’m going to get the FDE one, put on a Lancer Carbon Fiber handguard to reduce weight, and a Sig Golding stock. Expensive but better be sweet. MPX: 1880 Lancer: 320 folding stock: 240 and then a trigger. Sig went back and forth but you can use standard AR triggers right? Or did Geiselle or someone come out with an MPX trigger?
  7. How much do you feel it in your elbow?

    I have some tennis elbow issues that first showed up about 5-6 years ago, and now has reappeared after a long absence. Not sure if it is gun-related, but it definitely affects my ability to shoot when it has flared up. From what I understand however, tennis elbow is actually inflammation of the tendons that attach to the elbow, and then down to the wrist. If you have ever seen anyone with one of those tennis elbow straps wrapped around their forearm, this is to isolate the tendons a bit so you can flex your wrist and not tug on the tendons as much that are attached to your elbow. They say it is caused by repetitive motion, sort of like carpal tunnel. I think mine flared up when I was de-capping a bunch of 9mm brass on my XL650 (never do that again) to try a wet tumble on decapped brass to see if it really made a difference to have the clean primer pockets. It made a mess of my press and my elbow! Never again! Anyway, shooting aggravates the problem, and there are times when I just plain cannot shoot due to the pain. I wear the strap sometimes and that helps. The good news is that over the last 3-4 weeks, it seems to be healing itself, and I am pretty much pain-free now. Unfortunately, I had to deal with it over the shooting season, and now that the weather is heading into the winter, it is getting better. Figures. All of that to make a point that you need to watch it. When you feel pain, you might want to stop. Maybe it is just soreness from under-worked muscles as has been mentioned, but it could be the start of something serious such as tennis elbow, which takes many months to heal. I totally believe that shooting stresses the elbow because I can definitely feel it when I am shooting with the tennis elbow pain.
  8. SIG MPX

    Wow. $320 is expensive but worth it I guess.
  9. Knockoff mag pouches

    Supporting companies that support the sport is always a good thing to do. As for the legality, unless the knock-off company is copying one or more features that were patented (or, in some cases, trademarked) by the company that originated the gear, it's legal. I've no idea if that is the case for the mag holders in question here, but often copies are legal, just because there is no protected intellectual property behind the original.
  10. Gloves

    i'll just add that if you want to start shooting with gloves, then you might want to do some practice shooting with those gloves. had to dq someone last winter with an AD that he contributed to wearing gloves. and had a really good shooter at a recent COLD match wear gloves (without practicing) and not shoot anywhere near his usual high finishes.
  11. 40 minor Tanfo

    Ha ha. Yeah. Maybe a GM. Maybe. I'd rather be an M that beats GM'S vs the other way around. Though, I could have spent that time working on field courses......the goal is to shoot to the GM level. Not just be a GM. I'm really hoping the Shadow 2 feels more like the Stock 2 when it comes to the trigger. The Shadow 1 feels a little cramped. Even with the VZ palm swells. Hoping the larger grip front to back, puts the trigger further forward. If not, I guess I'll just get over it.
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  13. 40 minor Tanfo

    It’s pretty sound. J~ you have a major case of FOMO. Lol. I think you’re a pretty good shooter right out of the gate. Think where you might have been with just a year under your belt if you wasn’t such harlot. Hahah just teasing ya.
  14. If you load an odd number of rounds into a magazine and insert it into the rifle with the bolt open, you'll overinsert the magazine. For me, stages like classifiers get 10-round magazines. If I know I'm going to be short during a stage, the 10-rounders are easier to work with and don't pull my pants down when I'm running. YMMV.
  15. Range Bag

    I also like the Midway bags, and as noted above, they periodically get deeply discounted. Keep an eye out for the sales. I keep a couple of brightly-colored ribbons on mine, as I've noted it ends up with a number of identical bags on every stage and I didn't want it to accidentally walk off just before I'm called to the line (a particular concern at events where a squad doesn't stay together as they move from stage to stage).
  16. 40 minor Tanfo

    Bob Vogel should have cleared all this up by now, lol.
  17. Glock 19 gen 5 for idpa ccp

    I've seen it happen with too light of a striker block spring. In both Glock and M&P
  18. 40 minor Tanfo

    I'm just trying to see which one I like best. To a fault. I really do believe it's not the gear. But......... A person should pick the one they like the best. That's where I've overly complicated it. I guess that's what doesn't exist? One that you like the best. For me at least. I like different things about them all. I honestly don't think it was that big a deal for me to have kept switching this year. I decided to switch the night before my second USPSA match ever. Which was a classifier. I made M. I did it again a week before OK state IDPA. I won the division even though I shot like crap (caugh IDPA caugh). Now, It would be stupid for me to keep switching.
  19. Arbitration Period Query

    The typical way an error happens is if the timer is bumped or registers the sounds of you clearing the gun. When ROing, I try to be mindful of the last split time shown on the screen. Just in case.
  20. Arbitration Period Query

    Yes they did on every stage for this match.
  21. Shooting Glasses Faq

    Does anyone still make reasonably-priced shooting glasses with glass lenses? I may be old school, but I've got some Bushnell's, that I love, but I can't find anything comparable anymore...and I'm getting tired of moving the same pair from range bag to bullseye box to trap vest. It's just a matter of time until I forget to do so...
  22. WTB 320 X5 Flat Trigger

    Thanks for pics BillR1
  23. stock2 or shadow2 ?

    Most people don't know this, therefore, cleaning often and after shooting is what is recommended. If you reload, your maintenance schedule will change depending on the powder you use, premium powder will foul less, cheap powder will foul more. For example, I learned that the extractor of the stock II is very susceptible to fouling, and it is recommended to clean it every 500 rounds with dirty powder. That was my recent experience. Also, we are discussing rust here. If you shoot your gun, just wipe the goddam thing with a rug and solvent to remove sweat, water, humidity and displace water and grime left by your hands. It takes less than 3 seconds to do this, so being busy is no excuse. Your gun will not rust if you invest 3 seconds before storing it.
  24. stock2 or shadow2 ?

    Really 3 times if we're being honest. Ha
  25. New member from NJ

    Welcome. Are you anywhere near Old Bridge? I've considering making the trip down (from NY) to shoot steel there over the winter.
  26. stock2 or shadow2 ?

    Sheesh, you sound like pistol harlot. Honestly, I loved the way the Stock 2 felt in my hand as well. And I would’ve kept with it instead of moving onto the Shadow 2 if not for the discouraging experience with its reliability, or the lack there of, on my first and second exposure to the platform. FYI, CZC might, might, miiiight, have the whole Shadow 2 weight thing figured out for CO. Time will tell, but pretty cool if it can happen.
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