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  2. getting it to run

    Where did you get the specs? Received the maglula today and now have 320 rounds of ammo that is too long for my PCC to function breaking in the mags! Are any of you guys running the KAK extended length buffer? If you are what about the material placed in tube to limit bolt travel?
  3. 10mm Primers Blown-Backing Out

    Thanks for the input guys. GrumpOne, I haven't taken any pictures but yea they were all proud with 3 or 4 out of thirty completely blown out. I'll have to run some experiments on the various suggestions here. My brass is from various sources that I haven't kept separated, none of it has been loaded excessively? Maybe I'll buy a batch of new brass, Top Brass has some good prices and see what happens with it and Federal primers and some others. I have both CCI and Winchester on the shelf to try but most of my range weapons are tuned for Federal. Very strange to me that this should occur all of a sudden with this new (to me) load. I wouldn't consider it hot? Thanks again, when I learn something solid I'll report back.
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  5. STI DVC Open gun ejection advice needed 9mm Major

    Micro dot or 90degree is the only option for a open gun not running 38sc or 38tj. Asking for problems if you run 9 with the traditional cmore mount.
  6. New Walther Q5 Load

    I used to use 3.2 titegroup with a 147 plated bullet, now running 3.9 Prima V with 125 polymer coated bullet. I think the Titegroup load was around 132PF, I don't have an exact figure on the Prima V load... For me, the Q5 seems to run better with the lighter bullet...
  7. Glock 19 Open.

    G34's I've been running them for 4 years now, about 75 matches . avg 173 PF , they hold up just fine . you can do all the work on them your self, inexpensive and shooting open is a blast.. John from SJC is a great guy to deal with. I know a couple of guy's that made master with open Glocks . Being old and retired I get great satisfaction that my gun's run great and I'm having fun
  8. New Walther Q5 Load

    Can anyone recommend a good minor load for the Q5? Thanks, microham
  9. Help! WST 147gr FMJ

    I used to run 3.6 grains under a hardcast lead 147TC and it put me right at 135PF in my M&P 9 Pro. When working up the load I took it up a bit higher and WST will get "peaky" but it does it at a good bit higher PF than we run. WST is fine for USPSA minor PF loads. Just don't try to duplicate factory +P or +P+ loads with it, I think you will find that you don't like the results. Your data looks fine to me.
  10. Lowe's Kobalt reloading bench

    The Seville workbench had caught my eye but it is spendy:
  11. New member & 9mm powders

    I know family is ALWAYS first. I also know that family doesn't ALWAYS cause these issues. You gotta be honest with yourself and then.... You have to order your priorities..... If you prefer to sit and watch TV, OR if you prefer to go to a movie, OR if you just HAVE to go next door for a while to BS with that guy, OR you really NEED to prep and paint a car restoration, OR it's summer time and you have to go to the beach this weekend, OR it's winter and you just have to take a skiing trip this weekend, OR you noticed a weed growing in your lawn so you MUST get out the gear and prep the lawn for "Weed and Feed", OR your truck needs a tuneup and instead of letting the garage take care of it you decide it is much more important for you to do it yourself, OR the siding on the house needs to be pressure washed, Or the driveway needs a new sealcoat, OR you just have to go to the mall and find a new sport coat for fall season...... Well, you're right, you will NEVER enjoy shooting a match or practicing with your shooting friends. It's all in how you approach it..... I'm too old and I've done this for too long.... I have heard ALL of the excuses and believe me, they're no better now than they were the first time I heard them. Good luck..!!
  12. Whose CZ open gun?

    What an awesome pair arkadi!
  13. Columbia Cascade Sectional 2017 Match Video

    sad i missed the match. It's been one of my faves the last few years, but between the idaho state ride (dirtbike campout) and in-laws visiting, it was not to be. Gonna have to content myself with the inland empire sectional. Thanks for the great vid ryan. Clearly you suck, but you have identified exactly what you need to work on to suck less. It's awesome to see your progress in the last year. (and even more awesome to see you working L2 matches in your area).
  14. canik sfx trigger weight

    My new one is 4#
  15. I bought one of the Lee's at Cabela's and tried it out and it didn't work out of the box. Metal wasn't too the proper tolerances so the shell holder didn't fit at all. Returned, bought the RCBS.
  16. Grip sizes?

    "Begin" Lol.
  17. Piru Steel Challenge is Back!!!!!!

    Update:: https://californiatacticalacademy.com/product/steel-challenge-club/
  18. Thank you. I used a fairly firm short brush that I got at a craft store. I chose this type of brush because I wanted a thin coat of JB Weld and it worked perfectly. If the brush is too soft, it would be very difficult to apply a thin layer. This way, there isn't much excess and the grit lays much more even and smooth (not wavy or clumpy). I used a sharpie to outline the areas I wanted to expand the grit to as this helps visualize what it will look like. I then used a dremmel with a cutting bit to scribe the sharpie lines. I went the same depth of the molded stipple pockets and used a file to clean up the lines. Then I shaved the molded stippling off and then blended the expanded areas with the dremmel tool. A sanding drum worked well for this. The most time consuming part was shaving around the Sig logo because I wanted to keep it intact. I used various dremmel bits, various files etc. I plan to paint the logo so that the recessed part is red and the raised part is black. BTW, the logo is 11mm. After you're happy with all that, I washed the grip to get rid of any plastic dust as well as any oil your hands may leave. Once dry, you can mask the areas you don't want to grit and you're ready to apply the JB Weld. Take your time, it's very easy. The sanding/shaving is just time consuming if you want it to look nice.
  19. Want to start reloading soon!

    If I had only 1 press or would recommend just 1 press it would be the 650. I really like the combo of my 550 and 1050 plus the RCBS turret press and Rockchucker. The only thing I would change would be to add a Mark 7 auto drive to the 1050 in the future.
  20. Nope - just put batteries in the optics and keep spares in my range bag. Not sure why one would want to keep removing the batteries unless the gun is in long-term storage (like years of non-use)..
  21. Glock 19 Open.

    Do I need to name the pro shooters who have forfeited matches because their Akai Custom Guns stopped working? Many, dare I say MOST pro shooters have identically setup backup guns and even those sometimes fail, with the majority of them in open division in this sport being 2011s. Back when I talked to KC while he was still on Team Glock, he had no problems supporting Glock. His performance also had no problem supporting Glock and SJC. He doesn't run Glock anymore because he is no longer on Team Glock. What I'm telling you, 3gundq, is that one of the best pro shooters in the world was STILL one of the best while shooting a Glock in open. Even though I don't shoot Glocks regularly, I have never had a problem with them when I did, including while setup for open (in fact, it ran way better out of the box then any factory 2011 you can buy today; all of them require at least ejector and mag tuning). Hell, I fed an M&P a steady diet of 180+ pf HS6 loads and never had a problem with a Stormlake barrel. I have had much better experience with the Glock platform than the M&P platform. For sure, a properly setup Glock open gun is not a handicap. That being said, the one platform I will never recommend to anyone but a pro shooter with factory support is the Gold Custom Tanfoglio. It's the only expensive gun I've ever had that chews up its barrel like it's pot metal. If you talk to Grauffel on a good day, he might tell you that he needs a new barrel something like every 2 to 3 thousand rounds. Some people claim it's a timing issue. I've seen Gold Customs where all 3 lugs seem to be peening evenly. IMHO, it's a metallurgy issue.
  22. PCC Ready Position

    They are new MDs, but the stages are otherwise great.
  23. P10C or sp-01 tactical for carry optics?

    I had a SP01 milled for for a Vortex at CGW
  24. Dissident Arms

    Left handers are actually ahead of the game! An AK has a Right sided charging handle, but for speed most righty's get a Left side handle mod so that you can grip the gun, load a mag with the off hand, and rack the handle on the left as well, without a reach under AK method, or breaking your grip. If shooting with your left hand, the handle is already there for you on the right, just add whatever charging handle extension you want. Dissident also has factory ambi safety selectors (might take some practice or modding, but very doable), and ambi mag releases. If you can tolerate shells flying in front of your face you're in good shape. -V
  25. Want to start reloading soon!

    I sold my Dillon Square Deal a few weeks ago and bought a 650 with the casefeeder, and I love it!
  26. Columbia Cascade Sectional 2017 Match Video

    I haven't figured out what the rental fee will be. We figure somewhere between 700-800 rounds for the two days. Observations: Makeup on steel, you know how to fix that. Forgetting stage plan(s), again you know how to fix that. The two obvious ones on the video and shooting off plan on stage 4. It worked out but it's not what you wanted to do. On the prone stage much of the long movement was with both hands on the gun with just a little off the gun. Have you tried/timed when it's best to take your hand off? - Just another B class shlub
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